The Impact of Benchmarking Trips by Our Waheshimiwa.

What’s the effect of these Benchmarking BS, that our elected leaders partake religious ? With Devolution at hand, the resources we’ve been using are enormous, i’ve never heard any motion either in National assembly, or County Assemblies debating or implementing anything that they learned out there.
Benchmarking is just an avenue for our elected leaders and other G.o.K officials to milk our tax money.
These shit ought to stop.

Kunayo nmeona ya Meru ati they bought anointing oil from Israel for 2.7 million KES .fuck.

I saw that sh!t, and wondered, why should tax payers money be used to buy anointing oil ?

To make matters worse ni ati wizi siku hizi hua live live in your face sio kuficha

Mahn,hii ni system ya majambazi…juzi walikunuwa chai na mandazi worth 4 Million.

The worldwide travel restrictions has been a blessing in disguise so that these elected officials can sit their kinyambis in Kenya without wasting tax payers money.

Once the pandemic slows there will be travel restrictions too. Hopefully they can now start making themselves useful, which is akin to hoping to see a unicorn flying in the sky. Bure kabisa!

Hii ufala ndo itabidi Ohuru, Raira na Luto waache. They are the main pillars. Wakienda benchmarking hata county pia zina organize. The benchmarking is a good avenue for sex parties. MCA anaiba bibi yake anaenda kumkula akiwa benchmarking. Wakirudi what they know ni ile pombe ni kali, ile sigara ni form… all bullshit from bullshit government. Bullshit leader. Fogof

they will use every trick in the book to try and recover the lost time. 2022 political campaigns will be an interesting watch.

Legislooters utastukia after pandemic wakidai benchmarking tours ati to see how other countries handled the pandemic


Hyenas will always be hyenas ,watatumia this situation kukula pesa yetu ndo later waseme walitumia emergency funds za county to tackle this disease.