The Illiterates Who Preceded Sonko- Waititu- Sudi-etc...

[SIZE=7]Kenyans Who Served as MPs With Little or No Formal Education[/SIZE]
[li]By WASHINGTON MITO on 17 November 2021[/li][/ul]

In a judgment delivered in October, the High Court of Kenya gave a reprieve for politicians as it declared a law requiring Members of Parliament and Members of County Assemblies to be degree holders as discriminatory. The ruling has caused a huge public debate in recent months. Some have argued that education does not guarantee leadership citing examples of previous leaders who served Kenya despite having little education or no education at all.

In Parliament’s history, there are veteran politicians who served as MPs without pursuing formal education. At the time, there was no law that dictated a limit on the education of political contenders.
Parliament Buildings in Nairobi

Interestingly, some of the leaders on this list rose to become senior government officials who had an influence on how the country was run.

1. Njenga Karume

Despite having an interest in formal education, Karume revealed that he faced opposition from his father’s allies who thought that education was a waste of resources.
However, the tycoon attended Kahuho primary school in Kikuyu and later joined Kiambaa Riara School.
"I passed my Certificate of Primary Education(CPE) exam and I was to be admitted to Mangu High School but my dad told me that there were other children and I could not be educated alone,’ Karume revealed to KTN in 2012.
In 1974, Karume was nominated to the Parliament by then-President Jomo Kenyatta. As a close ally of Kenyatta and with KANU at the helm of power, Karume served as Kiambaa MP 1980-1992 and 1997-2007.
Notably, Karume was charged with treason after some of the GEMA officials pushed to block the then Vice President Daniel Arap Moi from ascending to power in the event that the president passed away.
In 1991, he joined forces with President Mwai Kibaki to form the Democratic Party (DP). So close were the two that in 2006, Karume was appointed as the Minister of Defence. Karume passed away on February 24, 2012.
Former Cabinet Minister and tycoon Njenga Karume.

2. Mulu Mutisya
Just like Karume, his political life started in 1974 after being nominated to parliament by Jomo Kenyatta - interestingly, on Karume’s advice! It was reported that the veteran politician could not communicate in English.
However, Mutisya grew in political stature under the Kenyatta administration. After the founding president passed on, Moi maintained close ties with Mutisya. This saw him become a nominated MP for 18 years.
Mutisya became one of Moi’s closes confidants, especially after the attempted coup in 1992. He would often accompany Moi during his local and international trips.
Being Moi’s right-hand man, Mutisya nurtured other leaders into politics such as Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka. The veteran politician passed away on March 23, 2004.
Mulu Mutisya

3. Mark Too

Popularly referred to as Mr fix and Bwana Dawa in the Moi administration Too was nominated to parliament by Moi in 1997. He later served as an assistant Minister in various ministries.
He was named Mr fix for his role in ensuring that Moi’s agenda both at the party and in the government sailed through. He was even credited for convincing former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to fold his National Development Party (NDP) and join hands with the ruling party KANU as the country headed to the 2002 elections.
In 2001, he resigned to pave way for Uhuru Kenyatta who was being groomed as KANU’s presidential candidate for the 2002 General Election.
The nominated MP, known for his humorous public speeches, passed on December 31, 2016.
Moi and the late Mark Too during a political rally.

4. Ezekiel Barngetuny
Just Like Too, Moi trusted Ezekiel Bargetuny having schooled with him at Kapsabet. They later depart as Moi went ahead to become a teacher.
However, the two reunited as Moi appointed Bargetuny as a Master of Ceremony during goat auctions because of his wits in mobilizing potential buyers.
During his time in politics, Bargetuny had unlimited access to the president and revealed in an interview with Citizen in November 2011, that he would advise Moi to pardon those who had wronged him. The tycoon from Nandi, known to own business in the Rift region, passed on December 20, 2013.
Ezekiel Barng’etuny

5. Kariuki Chotara
After Kenyatta passed away in 1978, Chotara rose in the political scene after he was nominated as an MP while serving as the KANU secretary for the Nakuru District.
It was reported that in 1957 while serving a jail term as a minor, in Kapenguria, Chotara attempted to attack Jomo with a knife with the aim of taking his life. At the time of the attack, Kenyatta was taking his breakfast. While addressing a rally in 1987, Chotara predicted his own demise. The nominated MP passed away on January 9, 1988.
Kariuki Chotara

6. Masoud Mwahima

Masoud Mwahima

Without any formal education, Mwahima rose to the political scene serving as a councilor in the then port city of Mombasa in 1987. He served as Mayor of Mombasa from 1999 to 2002. He was elected as the MP for Likoni after running on an ODM party ticket. He later fell out with Raila in 2013 and joined forces with Deputy President William Ruto. The coastal MP passed on August 25, 2020, at his residence in Likoni.

To be fair, Sonko is not in that category. Sonko is a reasonably well educated fella. I hope you have watched his English interviews. It is the ‘deep state’ that always endeavored to paint him as an illiterate. He may not exactly be a man of letters, but he has good basic education and an understanding of the issues.


Umesahau kalembe ndile na echesa

All these guys including Sonko didn’t get where they got by accident, educated or not. What does it make to be a tycoon ?

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Funda hii kumbe wewe ni muzee. I consider myself ‘old’ yet I have no recollection of kihika kimani’s politics…

I don’t know about the rest, lakini the likes of mwahima and mulu mutisya had another type of education. In terms of the traditional education, those folks were at masters/phd level.

kalonzo did actually run in 2007 and got nearly 1 million votes. This in an election where the winner got 3.5 or so million votes. By the way, in the early 2000s, kuna time kalonzo was polling at 60s… So some of the folks polling at 60s today may tomorrow be in a very different situation.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Mr Mark Too and he was hilarious. He owned a tea farm in our village and he would come round often in a green land cruiser pick up. Ungepatana naye Eldy ametoka farm na gumboots utadhani he is just a local farmer kumbe ni proper birrionea

Despite having no formal education, he would regale Moi with such stories that the old man would be left in tears. I heard how cabinet ministers would be kept waiting in Moi’s waiting room while bw dawa was always ushered in. Even if mzee was forlorn kidogo he’s smiling from ear to ear kisha anauliza Mark

“Wewe nataka nini kijana”

At his peak jamaa was a nominated Mp, ass minister, Chairman Lohnro East Africa, sat on parastatal boards, official envoy to Africa etc

I also have an interesting story about Barngetuny but that’s a story for another day

Echase naskia the only certificate ako nayo ni Birth Certificate.

I have read this word for word elsewhere. Attribute source…

Nicca am a kanu dynasty kid i grew up around these people naezakuchapia stories zao for days

Respect to the Western/ Nyanza politicians - they did not feature in this horrible list. Wakikuyu and Wakale sijui hapa mtajititea aje

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Seems the man had charisma, something a chokosh like sonko lacks.

Don’t let us go that easy, tafuta Mutu anaitwa Odongo Omamo:D:D

What is there to respect here?

Have seen the folk went to Punjab, hapo nikajua iko noma. And University of Agriculture too…16 children and 2 wives looks was his life highlight