The ICE is fast melting away into the depths of history

By the time MGTOWs presently on this forum come around to coming inside human vaginas for the sole purpose of contributing to the gene pool like every piece of viable disposable soma (they almost always do albeit so late that they end up siring shit-brained incels like themselves), Gottlieb Daimler’s creation will have run the the gamut of relevant improvements and innovations.

Cheki maneno.

Umbwa unasema nini?

Kang’ura ati urauga atia

Nasema you have shiㅤt for brains and pretty soon you’ll become a guest of the state. Najua networth yako itagrow tenfold by dawn kesho this being Christmas Eve and a Saturday night. Spare their lives. Ghaseer!

Ndirauga wambe urengwo rung’uthu niguo ucoke u-login haha Miriti kirigu giki.

Mimi napenda EV but deep down I know it is one big scam. I will enjoy while it lasts. Working on getting the.Mitsubishi outlander phev.

You mean it’s a scam in that the technology is still maturing, from a sustainability perspective ama in what sense?

Sijui kama uko na degree but Al Gore, who is an advocate of global warming bought a beach side property. Tafakari.

This is lame on every level. So that invalidates the scientific consensus on the vicissitudes of climate change? You’ve exchanged body fluids na @Sambamba hadi IQ yako imerevert to subzero kama ya primordial soup.