The Hypocrisy of this shit

It takes scientists less than six months to create a vaccine for a totally new vaccine bjt work on a HIV vaccine has just started 30 years later.


There is no money to be made on the HIV Vaccine so no major investments in its research from both the private and public sector

Big pharma do not make much money from vaccines. So there has been little effort to create one for HIV. They make money treating complications of diseases. First, vaccines are cheap. $25 a shot. This is the official cost. With 1 shot, they can stall HIV and loose $50,000 / year per patient they charge the US government for HIV meds alone. So why would they cure it by vaccine route. It doesnt make business sense.

The reason they developed this vaccine and so fast. Its a new field they were trying ( by RNA). It opens up avenues for a new generation of cures so with patents running out on old medications, they have a new sell. Medical Patents are 10 years. . Plus Corona threatened to dent their incomes. If the economy stalls, less people make hospital visits because they cannot afford. They sell less (unnecessary) medication. You only head to hospital if you are mahututi. US/British hospitals were operating at 30% capacity during the crisis.

And now that RNA works at 95%, suddenly a HIV vaccine will be out in the next 8-12 months. Even for a flu.

There’s nothing new about RNA. They just recently discovered it could be useful in epigenetics research abd prolonging life. That’s why it’s getting funds

You are right. But RNA in vaccines is new. It didnt work because the body would attack. They figured a way to fool the body’s immunity.


Mzito , as much as I disagree with OP most of the times, I think his point was:

“Why has this vaccine development been accelerated that fast?Is it because its killing more wazungu than HIV which was killing more blacks or what?”

Why didn’t they look for cure ya HIV at this expedited rate as covid 19?

If you are a business and the customer prebooks your order, will you make a product for him from scratch?