The Hustle is Real

Please check out this a family business.
Dude just amuas that since hustling out here kaa @dazzle03 haiwezi, so he call out his girlfriend to try the filthy on camera…
They manage to do some shoots with the only available Low-Res camera but manage to get some following…
I guess it doesn’t pay much coz after this, i have not seen more of their content. [ATTACH=full]499470[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]499471[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]499472[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]499473[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]499474[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]499475[/ATTACH]


being poor is hard:D:D:D

Na sii huyu ni ule ninja hukua ja beemer x6 moto sana kdj

hizi nimecheza na mask on

Wapi link

Huyu ni Sammy boy aka butty boy aka pharmacy before aruke side ya ushoga

Huyu si ni Sammy boy?:D:D:D

i think the enemy is poverty… Huyu kijana nilimwona Roysambu juzi with a very sleek Benz… Adui ni umaskini bora usiue mtu

Link will add value to your hypothesis

These are just stupid bonobos who thought they would make millions selling porn, right now any man can see any level of depraved sex act for free on xvid… pornh… xhams… the list of pornsites is endless. Why would they think selling nudes online will get them out of poverty. Even these stupid girls who sell nudes online they’ll never make real money, they’ll just have a permanet record online that they are whoores and hopefully their future children will not discover that their mother was a whooore

mulika kabisa huyo AIDs infested muuza mkundu aka @PHARMACY

I just use Twitter, I just see the occasional fine titty, meme, joke, banter,economics, ass,cars etc all one.

Huyo ni @uwesmake anaingia kwa cloaca ya @TrumanCapote after kupata kinembe imekauka kushinda kit mikaye pale Seme Kombewa