The house always wins; unsolicited betting advice

I have always considered myself a level headed VE but over these Christmas holidays I have succumbed to the thrills of sport betting for the first time due to the high liquidity. I have won big and lost big as well all in all from a cumulative investment of 274K I have finally thrown in the towel after a devastating loss of 13k yesterday. This is after hitting a high 100K plus gains.
I have recollected what is left of my cash and bailed. I have traded stocks successfully for over 3 years and was mislead to think my success trading shares could tame the greed demon.

If you are new to this my free new year’s advice is for you is to count your blessings and avoid being trapped in the thrills and devastations that are synonymous with gambling.
Effidence hapo chini. Sande

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Damn were you going Single bets or multi bet?

Hii ni kurogwo Kama unaeza deposit hio pesa yote… Na mna pesa ya kuchoma. But kila mtu na lake…


You have luck on your side

all GGs singles

it starts little then grows the more you win/lose

Pole sana ndugu

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Placed 1000 sh on Leicester at half time, and here I am feeling mighty proud of making 1200 ya ulevi. But stay away, the inability to know when to quit has led people to financial ruin

A fool and his money… You were greedy. The first rule is only bet what you can afford to lose. There is no easy money, if you want to win even in betting you have to put in the work and have a great amount of discipline. C wewe ndio uliweka slip hapa that you had won 65k juzi? That shows that you were putting a lot stake. Kisha people like you are betting on 50/50 bets like gg/ng over/under 2.5 something very unpredictable then unaweka like 5 combined bets on something like that. What are your odds of winning?

The house always wins because of greediness and stupidity by people like you. You live and you learn


sawa ndugu utaleta ushuhuda pia karibuni

Sio ujuaji ni upende pesa yako. Unaamka asubuhi, unajikazia raha mingi kisha unapelekea Karuri pesa yote. Jitoe tu

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that wasn’t money that can keep me awake, that’s one night of drinks my friend. I might be a rookie at betting but don’t paint me as an idiot. Don’t take yourself too seriously, life has a away of humbling everyone.


Leta screenshots ya bets tuone zile ulianguka Na zile ulipenya…

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mbisha given… good

Word! Control the greed control the house


Leo umesema kitu ya maana misee mijinga. Hii mwaka mpya umeerevuka


Mimi nawekanga kafinje daily kakienda nosawa


:D:D Kumbe tuko wengi…


Nakataftianga games tatu…by weekend nakua na float poa

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