The hottest hunting ground for young slay queens tonight

Club city space moi avenue… campus and college chics in plenty… easy lays all over and the dj who spins on Wednesdays is good

the village pimp I salute you

@Azor Ahai is that you?

Dint get the memo azor is m2ran dom

Hakuna hata mbicha ya heel’s za slaykwin ,my fren.

I will be there in a brown trouser. Anybody approach me and mention ktalk for 2 free beers

No it isn’t. Is it you?

Inbox your number

Enda fb page Yao


Gayyyyyy unataka kufungua nvchieth boot

Mbwa ghasia takataka hii . wewe ni meffi in my eyes. Who gave you permission to abuse everyone here? Malaya

Skia malaya akitusi mtu malaya…! Niî maundu maya ma.