The hole between and the privilege it brings

Elders, I have today established that Pu’ssy is the most valuable thing coming closer to Gold and Silver.
Can you imagine a certain girl, very very damaged goods. She used to fuck anyone in nairobi as long as you could buy her the cheapest drink in the market. A stone of weed could earn you her weekend long supply of young but overused punani. She is something like 25yrs and a graduate of commerce from KU. Courtesy of her kuma dishing skills, she has been airlifted to Australia by some beta male mzungu. I used to chew her with military grade condoms smeared with antimicrobial lube and thereafter I would drink some kienyeji immune boosters. I knew she was sick but the fact that she got all her papers ticked and accepted by the Australian embassy means she was clean and therefore I can conclude that HIV is hard to catch.

ata freehand abstract sketch ya damaged goods hakuna attempt?

Sisi hata picha ya map ya Australia hatujakataa

  • She did not have any kids.
  • She is 25.
  • Men are not mind-readers and fortune tellers.

She got lucky because despite her whoring ways, she didn’t make permanent mistakes like getting knocked up or getting old before settling.

Hio kitu hukuwanga tamu manze

Ogopa pussy, nimeona very many women from my village become millionaire, out of mastering senyeste hawking skills to white simps.

Na wewe bado unachoma mahindi hapo kwa road side.

Ata mbisha ya Kangaroo hatujakataa…elders are not happy.

Kijiji leo inashtuka shtuka na wanawake

Ulilamba mattercore?

Surely picha ya map tena :D:D

It has shifting value …desperation pushes the price up.


:D:Dhauwezi tusi mtu ivi over used pussy ninini:Dthis is overkill:D

She was overusing it. I mean I witnessed her getting drilled by 4 men in a day just because of chrome. You could buy 2 cans of chrome go to her house and come out after Nutting severally on her. What a wasted kalenjin beauty but some Australian saw the potential in her and hopefully he will take her to a rehab and if healthy wife her.

anaitwa mag…??

No anaitwa GL…

Jina ya pili… Kafupi kanono?


True there was bitch I used to fuck rongai.she used to hang out apo oliver twist and some jaba base now a simping asian took her to Instabul Turkey . Kitu ilikunywa cum yangu ,nikaingia anal sai inaendesha mitsubishi outlander kwa walami. Life

Inaisha na double oo. Ni kama unamjua