The Hoe-dacity

Yesterday sitting on my favorite table sipping my coffee, a chick comes straight and took a seat on my table. Ka mali kasafi, estimate age 23-24, dressed good smiling and my uelder ufisi kicked in but i silenced it and continued my work.
She then says ‘hi’ after a long silence. As we conversed she starts to ask me about her looks smiling fishy teasing me. Then the killer shot, ‘wewe mzee unaitaji kakitu young soft kama mimi on the side but i need 10k per meet’. Jmoy ‘i only pay 3k’. Mzee alikula matusi

Today learned she is an employee in neighbor company in this place housing many companies

Sifa zako za kutomba malaya zimeenea mpaka random hoes are walking up to you and offering inflated prices.

You did the mistake of bargaining with her…if you would have resisted her advances she would have questioned herself"what don’t I have" and maybe she would have either lowered her standards or maybe left in peace without inflicting insults on the innocent lustful kamzee

Manze na vile nikona temper mbaya sidhani ningewacha uende scot-free ukinitusi, hapo lazima kutatokea mass commotion…
Ndio maana nilipewa “back off!”, eyes.
I glare once at your face and you get the message, huwa sichokozwi they all leave me in peace. I think deep down I am a killer, perhaps I haven’t self actualized yet.

Ungekauliza age, halafu kakisema ukaambie “am sorry, I only do gals aged between 19-20”. Am assuming ako above 20 coz anafanya job


uko 60 years but haunanga akili

nataka hii juis , inauzwa wapi ?

kuja nikutume mkate na condoms

This post may be used against you one day… You might join a certain prominent city lawyer who shot dead his son and claimed the firearm went off accidentally


Lanye ni Mali legit?

Amka boss usikojoe



Ingia jiji

Halafu katafika 28, kachape gym miezi sita nonstop kajoin praise and worship team, some holy joe with a recent 6 figure paycheck with no experience with women alipe mahari 500k and wedding ya 2m for a Vasco da gama age pussy treated with vaginal tightening cream…