The History of GoK and Interest Rates. Yaani, KaMwana came to GoK and increased the rates!

Yaani, KaMwana came to GoK and increased the rates! New Prezo aliijipox gava 2013 ikianza. Campaigns started approximately 2 years before (Planning-2011)
2013-2017: Uhuru Kenyatta
The inauguration of Uhuru Kenyatta took place: 9 April 2013.

Nitarudi kusoma majibu ya @spear

[GALLERY=media, 672]KIBAKI Kenya-bank-lending-rate by Tia Dalma posted Aug 12, 2016 at 2:23 AM[/GALLERY]

Ako research mbaya. Also see this from mshale
[SIZE=6]Kinanie Leather Park In Athi River[/SIZE]
Government is SPENDING KES 17 billion ($167,601,300) to refine leather that will contribute $150-250 million to Kenya’s GDP

@Tia Dalma …Mtalii kapaa, kweli Nani atalipa ndege +hoteli+vyakula pamoja na watu Kama pia mbili wakiambatana na yeye. Jivunie kuwa Mkenya mdau :D:D:D:D

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The Kenyatta’s are heavily involved in the money sector, hence it goes that, he knows which side of the bread is buttered.
Same thing whenever he travels within Africa, one thing stands out, 'Kenya Daily Industry '.

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was the presidency the only factor? dollars shivers?

@introvert amka haraka. Kuja na Tata. Halafu unipe lift hadi kwa muhindi


Ruka hapo nyuma…


It appears rates were at their highest in 2012

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That was when the shilling collapsed against the dollar

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Nimerekebisha kiasi.

Tupe Uhondo

Cartels of currency speculators and hoarders.

From what I see that rate has been falling steadily until 2015 when the dollar gained substantially against the shilling and other major currencies in general. It is amazing though how President Kibaki is now the benchmark while he was villified when he was in power you would have thought he Idi Amin!!


I saw the graph first time on the phone then checked again on the laptop and i’m wondering why nobody hasn’t already said it.

2013 interest rates is 18%, mid 2015 its 15% and then currently back to 18%. Has anything changed?

Now justify this headline “[SIZE=6]KaMwana came to GoK and increased the rates!”[/SIZE]

Your own graph doesn’t justify it. Ama he called CBK and told them to increase rates? Classic case of reading data with a selective predetermined mind. You are trying so hard msalame.

Like @Mr Black said right now instead of accepting jubilee government successes lets fall into default mode and claim its former President Kibaki success despite the vilification thrown his way during the grand coalition government by the same same people.


anaitwa Sarah