The Higher Man - IS the implication SEX A STRATEGY MEN CAN EMPLOY TOO?

Jana nikaingia matatu kuenda job, In the opposite seat of the 45 sacco bus was a voluptuous daughter of somebody seated next to him was an average guy well dressed too. Wote walikuwa wanakaa kama wanaenda kazi, the guy started a convo, and since ilikuwa hapo 6 it was easy to see the nigga struggling to establish a responsive stride past 2 questions. , soon the conductor came asking for fare, the guy alichomoa noti ya 1000/ na kusema pia analipia dame., the next stop, the lady alighted and someone else sat on the chair. Unknown to the guy, the girl asked for the change from the conductor, and given the heated discussion they were having the conductor kapeana change kwa dame. :D:D:D:D

The most notable thing is that females will always try and maximize on a situation because they know the man is doing whatever he is doing so as to get laid. The female having zero intentions of getting laid by the guy will then use this to her advantage over and over, in various ways.

Given that women will always think first in this premise, what can a guy do to take advantage of the situation in a similar fashion. Where sex is perceived but zero intensions of giving or wanting it are in mind (For the guy), thereby giving him the edge he needs to take advantage of the situation.:p:p:p:p

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Given above fact above In what ways can a man take advantage of the situation?

Seems highly illogical that donda alipatia dem change yet chali ndio alitoa pesa.
Ngumi zinaweza ruka hapo kifo tu ndio inaweza saidia huyo donda

Show huyo voluptuous dame akulipie fare kutoka mwanzo…
Ama conductor akimpa change sema huyo dame mwizi…

Nv umbwa ghasia takataka…
hekaya za mjinga abunwasi peleka kwa family group of eight inbreed bonobos…meffi …wewe na @Azor Ahai ni takataka

Hekaya za Abunuasi.

Hata mapaja ya the female creature hatuwes onyeshwa?

Hata picha ya 6 am ?

Who the fk are you NV na uache kunitaja ovyo ovyo.

You can only take advantage of a woman if she is the one who is into you, not the other way round. If a woman is into you, that’s when you can exploit her to the maximum. If you are a bachelor at the time you fk her, let her clean and cook for you, etc. Ukichoka you dump her. If you don’t want to take it that far generate a scam hapo hapo about pesa yako imedelay etc. Anyone can be taken advantage of if they are hopelessly infatuated by the other person.

Mimi mkia kwanza brown tena lightskin na mmunya roho safi…
mkia yenye siwez karibia ni ya @Jimit ju ni nyeusi na imekauka akiwa uMaasaIni kama watchMan

the point is men always get the shorter end of the stick when it comes to overcoming the perception that they ‘need’ sex when in most conversations with women. How that knowledge can be used by the man to gain an edge that is non sex related just like women toanisha men without mercy i ndio swali yangu…

Mwanaume anaeza toanishaje dem pia, what are the methods, How has it been done???/ Who has done it and how, I.e non sex related justlike they do

At least hapa you addressed a long shot way of taking advantage of the situation… Hapo sawa mdau

Negroe uza mkia bila kusumbua…myself I never shit…I flow


I have a deal for you fool… …
kidnap & deliver homosexual @Azor Ahai to me …3 more grands after the job…

team siezi katia dame online
everyone and their granny will know u are a fuckboy

estate, workplace, family.
just go incognito

The point ni picha sio composition tu mark, takataka

You just sell them the fantasies they so desperately seek in relationships; hausomangi zile story za guys on dating sites, who concoct the perfect, intoxicating illusion of wealthy, single males desperately searching for a girl to marry…but there’s usually a ‘slight’ problem, the guy is on a business trip abroad and has an urgent issue, which can only be sorted by payment, which will be refundable to the lady 100000x over upon dude’s ‘return from abroad’.

This scheme sounds too silly to ever work but I tell you, to a dude an equivalent sounds as irresistible as the allure of a quick deal to make lots of easy money.

It usually ends in premium tears.

Thanks kaka… At least another villager has shown that they pondered and thought of the question in the post.

From this and the other well thought out reply it seems the only way ya kuwatoanisha ni longshot, means you require time on your side and respectable manipulation skills in your skillset:D