The high cost of modern-day friendships

Hii mambo kwanza baby manenos ,baby reveal,baby shower,sip and see,naming ceremony … If you have a friend who gets 4 kids thats 16 bashes - I’ve been invited for several at work and I was like these things are becoming too much. These are not even your blood relations.

Peasant detected!!!

CUNT relate

Kuna hii ingine mumeenda date na kimutu where you are supposed to know each other and the kondoshe anaanza kuitisha sijui pizza, kuku full, black label and at the end the jamaa is supposed to foot tha bill

Its not even about the money, I contribute to so many of my workmates weddings/baby bashes and send so many gifts for functions that I never attend coz its at a time when I have other plans. If you follow these things utapata every weekend you are in a bash. When will you do your things. I spend the entire week with my workmates I dont want my precious weekend tena niko nao. I have plenty of even relatives who keep on throwing bashes , just this Easter weekend one of rela invited me for a pre-wedding like Ngurario - there was no money you are supposed to give but its an Easter weekend so like people make plans for holidays like Christmas , you cant just presume on people. So anyway,one of my immediate fam who couldnt travel coz they werent feeling so good went and she told me, she has never even attended a wedding like that , it was super,super lavish and all the guests had to do was show up with their invite cards -their son is marrying a lady from Kabaka family so they went all out to impress that fam. And they didnt ask for even a cent. The kind of family and non work friends I have actually Ive never been asked for money for a function. Ever! Not even a wedding. They have the means to throw any party without asking guests/relas for money. So @Karoga actually its peasants who demand money to throw bashes, but then you are one so how would you understand that? I have thrown enough bashes and even if its a theme party ,its a color you can find in anyone’s wardrobe. My issue is, like I always say about men who ask women to pay for dates they invited them on, is please just invite people where you can afford. Even if its Lunar Park or Arboretum or City Park kwanza I love city park alot coz I love nature. I have a friend from Norway who came to visit and I took him to Faugo Gauchio coz he loves meat then later I took him to City Park and later he told me ,City Park was the highlight of his stay In Nrb. Its your party dont expect other people to pay for it, I have never asked anyone to contribute even a shilling for any function Ive had, to me thats class, not imposing your budget on others.

Atamaliza kuku full? Na pizza? Ama ni ya take away. Kwani unadate wasichana wako na apetite aje?

Look! If you cant afford to buy the most expensive thing on the menu at an establishment,its too expensive for you, dont take people there then start worrying how you are gonna pay or start feeling exploited.You are supposed to be having a good time not worrying about what your date is eating and the dent to your pocket. Theres alot of fun things you can do that dont cost alot of money. Including going to orphanage, game drive that are fixed charges . If the restaurant thing isnt working out for yah because you cant afford it, just do other activities. This is Nairobi there are so so many activities you can do that can fit in your budget. This is not a village town where there is nothing to do but take people to restaurants. Go bowling,kwanza this restaurant dates people are even bored of them because most establishments sell the same type of stuff. Unless you do Indian or Lebanese or Ethiopian food. Take someone somewhere different so that you will even stand out from the rest of the pack.

My upbringing is such that,if I say I will take you out to lunch or dinner, I will feel insulted if you pay even a cent. One time I took this family that had been my friends when I was living in a certain coastal town to a very snazzy restaurant I loved just to appreciate how theyd helped me get settled and theyd been such good friends to me. It was 3 kids their mom, her sis and her fiance. So when the bill came the guy wanted to chip in and I was like NOOO way. Like he couldnt believe it. I think Kenyan men seem to have issues with food bills. Then other times someone will take you out to dinner or lunch then theyre shocked at what you’ve ordered like , are you sure you dont want anything else? So you are like ,si Ive ordered what I wanted? Its like its either too cheap or its too expensive , I dunno. Like thinking mbona unaitisha hio unafikiria sina pesa ama? Now he is taking offence. Kenyan men are too complicated.


hujawahi deal na slay queens na hawa wasichana wa campus. ata kupika sembe kwa hao ni stress, all the time niletee chips ya supper, mara kuku, friday in ladies night, thursday ni rhumba, saturday lazima aendee dunda, sato ni picknic na sunday after churrch pia mwende uhang out… the stress that is that generation, wacha tu. luckly for me i married after campus am am blesses with my kids. the only thing in this life now ni my family.

Georgina nîwaragia mûno.

Translation: I wonder who would be friends with you, Georgina.

They are not only complicated, they are now drowning in redpill??/boyshald matters. Completely lost as they buy the madness from the West wholesale. As for the West, hata hawajui whether they are straight, gay/lesbians, bi-sexual, asexual…a whole list of nonsense.

Having said that I must hesitate to add that not all Kenyan men have the tight fist problem. It is mainly KTalkers and their friends…na wengine wanatupa wengine kkkkkkkk

itina riri


But also Georgina we have a wide spectrum of modern women who are letting us all down. Nipe pesa ya this and that nyof nyof nyof. Even those that are working and are well paid carry a begging bowl with them.

Hizi functions tulisema ISANNO huku kwetu. Mazee we were used by the greedy people. Mara pre-wedding, mara mashakaya, mara baby shower, mara itega, mara birthdays za watoi(where a kiondo appears mysteriously at midnight venye watu wamelewa). -Why should you invite us for a pre-wedding when you and your fiancee have the opportunity to do double and triple shifts and save up for your wedding? why can you not go to the registrar or do a small private wedding?
As for the mashakaya we soon came to know that some folk were even lying to us that they have lost a sibling…wacha tuu!!
Kenyan pastors were also conning us in their fake churches left right and centre…
[SIZE=1]There is no point of blaming our gava for thieving. It is in the Kenyans DNA.[/SIZE]

Theres two aspects to this phenomenon. Kenyan Men all want a certain type of woman. Even the fugliest man wants that type of woman. That type of woman is like 10% of the female population. So women have gotten used to men who are will to go to any financial lengths to get that type of woman. So these women are exploiting that all consuming desire men have for financial gain because like Naphtali they wont leave the women alone because Kenyan men believe that they can buy any woman they want.

The other side is that men nowadays dont respect women like they used to.Kenyan men have become jackasses. They just wanna exploit women for casual sex or lead women on to exploit them in one way or the other so women have come to see men- not the way we saw men when we were young as protectors but as enemies(who are competiting with each other to prove which man can be more savage than the other -the horror stories here are enuff/IRL stories like the Ivy story are enough to turn any sane woman very wary&adversarial of Kenyan men coz theyre more like beasts than anything else ) where its now become a competition who can outwit who to exploit the other more. So women look at men nowadays as monsters with money, so the plan is how can I get money out of this monster without it harming me or exploiting me for sex.

I agree. We are in a big mess. People like my small sis cannot be taken for a date huko City Park and expect to see her again# hakatakuja ikiwa hakuna fombe na pesa mfukoni.

I cant relate I went to a private Christian university,the food was great and it was the man who would say where he wants to take you when he has the money for it- usually choma or movie and it wasnt clubbing either. But still they do it because demand iko high, we kama hutaki,kwenda huko kuna wenye watampeleka.

Greed has increased hundredfold in our society. Every event that comes along the way, be it a joyful or a sad one, is an avenue for cashing in some money from your friends and relatives. Me, I don’t attend to any. I would rather be called mean and reclusive than be a catalyst to this greed.

Naona Leo Kuna mtu ako na okoa bundles ,so ame pop in hapa ktalk na Ile ubaya yake , anyway equality is equality of outcome s ,mtu anakununulia birthday yako tie ya 150 lakini birthday yake anademand ,5 course meal palee raddisson , helicopter ride na french chocolate,things are changing, kitaeleweka.

I am stuck home baby sitting, why else would I be here with people who have noting to do on weekend and who spend their every waking hour on Ktalk kama wewe? Get a life Bwana. I thought you are going your own way so who is buying you even a 50 bob tie? You should be telling us how you took yourself out Uncle Scrooge. I know what is really making you go your own way is because you have nothing literally to offer women. Thats why you know about Okoa bundles. I am on post paid so sijui hiyo mambo ya okoa boss.

@Karoga - you in your old age Uncle Scrooge