I wonder what their main motive is poking into baba Abbys backyard.

…Am waiting for their ultimate declaration.

Motive ndio hii [SIZE=7]UOTP [ATTACH=full]81756[/ATTACH] samehe tarehe tafadhali [/SIZE]

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Hiyo utangoja mpaka siku ile swara atawinda chui.

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Chaos have already erupted at the stadium. Chupilee to blame

gov. rutto has been having it rough at home and this is to an attempt to revive his campaign. Last week DP Uncle Ruto led a massive rally and voter registration drive that again shocked him. He went to every sub-county in Bomet. Every month he is back with the Jubilee wave lauching, inspecting and commission projects. Meanwhile all other rivals are united in opposing him so he feels isolated and down at the moment. Now he is folding his ccm village party to join odm and sink with them. Just yesterday C.S Keter and Infrastructure PS Eng. John Mosonik commissioned the Kipsonoi river bridge in Kipsonoi, Sotik Constituency, Bomet County which is a crucial transport link in the area that the county ignored as he is not popular there.


…The are wasting valuable time by staging these party intermarriages. I need to know who I am going for.

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Bomet wanasema Raila Arap Mibey Kityo!!!

nko tuned in kwa terevision nione vitendawili b4 game ya arsenal

He…he were told that again in 2013, what happened? At that time he was even much stronger with 5 cabinet ministers from the region on tow.

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The erectios were storren…RAILA KENDE!!!

Be prepared to say that some more in a few months only this time the victory margin will be far much bigger.

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…Shida Tupu! In as much as they try to trash the others, Hakuna kitu wamesema so far, I have watched it for one hour, and the MC is still doing introductions, yet we know all of them. They need to change tact, time is running out.


bomb zimeanza kunyeshea baba Abby


i thought ni set yangu iko kwa auto repeat


Boss inakuanga hivyo, insults, air burger for a combined 105 years and nothing for the mwananchi. Hapa alikuwa analaunch a tap. The ceremony costed 100X the cost of the tap. These are the opposition luminaries.


@admin , @Deorro tuheshimu president , ng’oa hio avatar ya @uncle nyam . heshima kwa president ni muhimu watu watusi kina Ruto lakini si Uhuru


Huyu Aisha Juma women rep wa Kilifi amepiga Baba Abby sweep mzito.