@Nostradumbass walks into a club in mwea ID in hand and cash in the wallet… He finds himself a seat, a comfy one at a corner… Orders 2 cans of faxe n relaxes, sippin while chattin with his MWK n friends…

Alcohol kicks in, he thinks of findin a DF material, looks around and locks eyes with a kid he grew saw with all makamasi mkojo n shit, she winks at him… He’s dumbfounded,what the fuck… He pretends he ddnt see the wink, the kid comes over and says “anko si unishkie moja aki leo nko mbaya mbovu”. He Literally pukes, walks outta the fucking hell, he finds a kid (neighbour) being dryfried by giants kina @Kidinyi @byro and @carbon behind his car, he almost collapses… How the fuck could this be,his joint, his favourite place… Full of kids, its disgusting, it saddens him… N he swears that no more alcohol…

Good fuckin god…

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wait wait wait … so you’re telling me that you didn’t know grown men were fvcking children till today?

@Nefertities i hadnt experienced that till today, n all i can think of is my younger siz (who’s in high school) doing it… Its sad

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Next time jaribu Nice City, nice club

Oh ok, my bad. Guess I have to adjust to the fact that it had to happen “close” to you for it to become an actual issue.

@Bantu nice city sucks… The dj is an ass… The palace is better off

@Nef when shit happens close to u it gat more impact…

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Must be why I don’t understand why all these homeless people are so sad. They need to get over it, right?

guy is with his haramu…and his brain tells him to look for another DF…then he goes all moral…


imagine that.

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I thought it was the state of my mind but reading your comment confirms it isn’t.

I need this hekaya in my inbox with full drawn pics and other supporting documents. Plus @Nostradumbass niko mwea lazima tupatene. Check inbox :slight_smile:

Maybe the parents have no idea. But it’s a sad reality. What are these kids looking for, really?

In mtwapa there are so many kids especially around that California pub. It is a pedophiles heaven. You find wazungus picking those kids and no one seems bothered not even the women hawking around.

Sadness of life

You make it sound like 5 year olds