The 'hell' of kafala jobs in the Middle East

[SIZE=7]“I wanted to die”: The ‘hell’ of kafala jobs in the Middle East [/SIZE]

Many African and Asian countries have banned the recruitment of domestic workers for countries in the Middle East who subscribe to the “kafala” system. Under the system, foreign maids are legally bound to their employer and have limited rights. Employers can take advantage of their position and many women are overworked, underpaid and physically abused. Testimonies from women who escaped and private recordings show a world of powerlessness and abuse, hidden behind closed doors.

Following for a kunguru

BBC did that whole documentary for only one tiny sentense somewhere in there:

“There is no human right in this world…may be in Europe.”

Niliona hata one European guy who went to work in UAE his passport was confiscated by sponsor, sponsor reneged on contract agreement, enslaving him to work crazy hours.

BBC will be the biggest media company in Africa in a few years…from the hirings akina Midiwo na George Ndirangu na stories they are covering…ngojeni tu!

It is called foreshadowing! Waafrika tunapenda mucene sana and it’s big business.

Why do they do that? I wonder whats their thought process

I don’t know. These arabs are just sadists.

Waria na Warabu ni kuma


Wahindi pia hawaja sazwa

hii nayo iliweza hapa chini

so tuseme mwarabu hufungua @kush yule mnono mukia pale Yemen akikamua ngamia ?

Thats how kafala system works. It’s like the sponsor owns you. It happened to a French footballer also in Qatar.
But I think all countries have a 3 tier structure. Citizen, Resident,& Immigrant
Kafalas are the immigrants of the middle east. There was a time nikiwa majuu a white colleague tukiwa tumelewa mbaya tu sana alianza rant fulani ati watu wao humdharau because he’s doing a “black job”

Kafala, what an apt name!!