The Harvest

[SIZE=4]Those drawn from ODM are;[/SIZE]

  1. Gideon Mung’aro (Kilifi North)

  2. Zainab Chidzuga (Kwale County),

  3. Mustafa Iddi (Kilifi South),

  4. Peter Shehe (Ganze)

  5. Masoud Mwahima (Likoni),

  6. Mburi Apuri (Tigania East),

  7. Cyprian Iringo (Igembe Central)

  8. Joseph Lekuton( Laisamis)

  9. Samuel Arama (Nakuru West).

[SIZE=4]Ford Kenya[/SIZE]

Deputy Party leader Khatib Mwashetani (Lunga Lunga),

Kisoi Munyao (Mbooni)

Regina Ndambuki (Kilome)

[SIZE=4]Chama cha Uzalendo[/SIZE]
Vincent Musyoka (Mwala)

Vincent Munyaka( Machakos Town).

Samuel Moroto (Kapenguria)

Moses Cheboi (Kuresoi South)

Eric Keter( Belgut)

Hellen Sambili (Mogotio)

West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin

[SIZE=4]Narc Kenya[/SIZE]
Rachel Nyamai (Kitui South)

Muungano’s Francis Mwangangi (Yatta)

John Munuve (Mwingi Central)

Other MPS who decamped earlier include John Waluke (Sirisia), Protus Akuja (Loima), Stephen Kariuki (Mathare), Isaac Mwaura (nominated), Nicholas Ngikor (Turkana East) and Turkana Senator John Munyes.

[SIZE=6]ODM party is also set to parade “the Jubilee defectors” at its 10th-anniversary event that will be held in Mombasa today, Saturday, September 10.[/SIZE]

The last paragraph is a wry joke…:wink:


This one’s for @spear, who is too drunk to do his usual duties…

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umesahau gavana wa marsabit

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Odm looked like a gloomy and sad affair. Niliwahurumia for once :frowning:


Sio mimi nilikusanya hao majina, but all 47 Governors are welcome to the party that will bring us national unity. Tuko Pamoja!!

That dude sat on the chairs of the duo,danced with the two ladies.Heroes are made.He drove Kenyans mad on KOT.

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Compared to the teargas days, this was a very bright moment in ODM’s fortunes.

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Hehehe those pics lakini…they make my day

Ju ya hii stori hatuwes jizuia tena [ATTACH=full]56858[/ATTACH]

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The ODM harvest or, to be truthful, slim pickings:

[B]ODM leader Raila Odinga received five Kwale MCAs who defected from Jubilee at the party’s gala dinner in Mombasa on Friday night.

They are Kasim Pojo (URP, Mwereni), James Dawa (UDF, Puma), Patrick Mangale (Ford Asili, Dzombo),Suleiman Nzalla (UDF, Nominated) and Hamisi khadija (Kadu Asili, Nominated).

“The defection to ODM proves thus is the party to beat,” said Kwale branch ODM deputy party leader Nicholas Zani.[/B]

He spoke at Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort in Mombasa in the presence of more than 1,000 members including MPs, governors and senators.

But yesterday was a day of political harvest for President Uhuru Kenyatta as 11 parties ratified formation of his Jubilee Party and 35 opposition MPs and four governors defected.

Jubilee Party will be Uhuru’s 2017 reelection outfit, which he will launch on Saturday.

While Jubilee reaps big with the 39 rebels so far, the opposition is poorer, though it dismisses the defections.


Jakoyo, slim pickings.

sema kukonda akili! umeenda pale kibarua?

Enyewe watu ni wajinga

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Walioenda kwa upendo na kujitolea (10,000 plus) hawasumbui.