The happy valley set

Happy valley set was a group of white settlers who were known for their immoral lifestyle .

They occupied Wanjohi valley near Aberdare Range between 1918 to 1950, from where they held nude and sex parties ,used drugs and engaged in husband and wife swapping .

It was alleged that whenever they held a party , every person had to sleep with someone other than the one they had arrived with before the party could finish .

They also played a daring game after every dinner ,the game involved male guests sticking their manhood through holes in a sheet so that women could vote on their favourite.

Members of the “happy valley set” included:

Lord Hugh Cholmondeley Delamere and his son the Rt Hon Captain ,Thomas Hamilton Cholmondeley Delamere.

Sir Jock Broughton and his wife Diana Broughton.

Lord Eroll and his wife Lady Dina Eroll

Hon Denys Hatton and his lover Baroness Karen Blixen.

Beryl Markham the first woman to fly across the atlantic among many others.

They brought their unscrupulous lifestyle to an end when they started feeling insecure because of the Mau Mau uprising

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