The Handshake graduated to The Hug

[FONT=verdana]Kalonzo captured the mood of the prayer day wonderfully, when he said;
“We have today graduated the handshake to the hug, you have demonstrated leadership and we stand with you in fighting corruption,” stated Kalonzo.
Also, the leaders vowed to capitalise on the new found unity to support President Uhuru in the ongoing fight against corruption in the country.

And………… Chief Justice David Maraga commended the President for declaring war against corruption and pledged the Judiciary’s support.

Let us extend the hugs to the forums as well.[/FONT]

Keep your friends close and your rivals closer, politics 101. President Uhuru was a novice in 2002 but right now he is commanding the political landscape unchallenged. Defanged RAT with handshake and opposition is done. Meanwhile fund DP Uncle Ruto to tour all 47 counties to inspect, launch and commission projects.

Its hard to believe Kalonzo actually wanted to take over Raila. He looks so powerless.

It is unlikely the opposition is done, and even more unlikely the handshake was to defang Raila.
The president appears to empathise with Kenyan’s and is genuinely trying to improve the condition on the ground and realises that “united we stand divided we fall”.

If this love continues, we will soon be forced to watch our “leaders” buggering in broad daylight.

Stop living in denial, RAT has always been corrupt, it started with 500 million from former President moi on KANU/NDP merger to the billions from the corruption chief cartel wanjigi. He is getting it in installments. Then sooth RAT ego and his supporters start praising you all of a sudden. So predictable. Of late all government projects move along just fine. What happened to the injunctions!!! Handcheque happened.

Piganeni hapa viongozi wakiangalia maslahi yao binafsi, I expect you people who are vocal here in support politicians would be busy riding NYS, NCPB, KPLC or KPC gravy trains.

From hugs next watombane waache kutusumbua maumbwa ghassia takataka hao