'the greatest scandals in modern history'

WHO’s handling of coronavirus one of ‘the greatest scandals in modern history’

China and the World Health Organisation’s failure to act when the novel coronavirus COVID-19 was still in its early stages is one of the “greatest scandals in modern human history”, according to Sky News Digital editor Jack Houghton.

China’s deadly coronavirus coverup in the early days of the crisis more than doubled the number of people now infected across the world according to a recent study.

The findings were contained in a damning University of Southampton report which found if the Chinese Communist Party and the World Health Organisation had heeded warnings a single week earlier infection could have been reduced by 66 per cent.

If the WHO had acted just three weeks earlier nearly 95 per cent of today’s infections and deaths would not have happened.

But these people who are blaming the WHO are also somewhat daft. Did they expect the organization to force it’s way into communist China and verify the information they were being fed? They acted under the assumption that the Chinese were mature enough not to fuck around with data regarding a potential pandemic. All blame should be heaped on the short, slit-eyed devils.

You are also as daft to assume that China or any other country can give credible information without doing it own analysis. How would WHO, a world health organization fail to carry out its own tests to check on its validity? They owe the world some explanation

If Chinese doctors were willing to risk their lives to worn fellow Chinese and the World about the virus, why would WHO not at least show some courage and tell people the truth? Those doctors efforts were in vain.

More so, they ignored crucial evidence like the fact that there was human to human transmission of the virus. Instead the first claimed there wasn’t, then revised their statement to “limited human to human transmission.”

“On Jan. 31, the WHO advised countries to keep borders open despite the coronavirus outbreak” What sort of advice was that. Now 150+ countries are infected. Countries closed their border against WHO’s advice.


WHO and other intl orgs can’t just fly into china to verify x y or z the way they can e.g in a shithole country.

Who is guilty of conspiracy with China. Who is a department of china


Thanks for your insights maze…The amount of ignorance people peddle and propergate in this terrestrial ball can make one go nuts I tell you… How can one scapegoat WHO surely?

America’s intelligence services and the CDC were in a better position to verify the information coming out of China. They also failed to understand just how serious the problem was.

Exactly, the WHO merely advised. I doubt countries would have shut down their borders even if the WHO had told them to do so. The Trump administration downplayed the seriousness of the virus even as hundreds of Italians died, so placing the blame on this organization is just scapegoating. At the end of the day, each country is responsible for their own handling of the situation.

But they can advise the whole world of a disease and it’s effects, Right? And presumably that data will be gotten from the health officials of the said country. Does it even make sense?

@captain obvious I was in your line of thinking but after reading some materials yesterday. Tedros is a conspirator to Beijing.

This we can start to see from the basic angle of China - Ethiopia connection. Ethiopian Airlines were one of the last flight to fly in and out of China. Why, Chinese have a great hand in Ethiopian affairs. Is it a coincidence WHO looks like a Beijing puppet? Not other UN bodies.

Jinping affair with Tedro started long before. WHO even allowed China “to use animals for medicinal value as their traditional medicine”. This leads to endangering animal species. Which even animal activist lobbied to WHO and WHO did nothing.

Tedro’s Bromance with JiPing is there to be seen.

Tedro’s attack to Taiwan, is also very very suspect.
Remember Taiwan is not in UN = NOT under WHO but its one of the few countries to have managed Covid-19 yet its neighbours with mainland China than Europe, USA.

Take time and watch the reports till the end.



WHO headquarters should be nuked to oblivion. WHO should have investigated China wakikataa wa advice other countries to close their hizi filthy chieth zikufee.

It’s true that Trump ignored early intelligence reports about the virus but the rest of the world could have benefited from an accurate report on the seriousness of the issue from WHO. China was determined to downplay the scale/seriousness of what was happening in Wuhan.

Studies are showing 66%-95% of this pandemic would have been avoided if WHO did their job and not played politics.

Trump might have messed Americans, but WHO fucked the whole world up.

There are some valid points, but that Gravitas media channel is also virulently anti-Chinese. Remember, up to now, no one knows for sure how coronavirus works, we have conflicting information coming out of every country. The WHO might have failed in some aspects, but we’re judging it with the benefit of hindsight. At the time the virus was thought of as a SARS-like outbreak, and even at the height of SARS there were no calls to shut borders. This pandemic is unprecedented, so I don’t think anyone could have foreseen what’s happening currently.

First off you gotta understand who controls the UN then you’d understand why WHO did not act

Maybe we should also ask why how the 2 year old case diagnosed today, did not infect its parents, or get infected via its parents, why most deaths are not from the Mbagathi quarantine whatever, why our first case was a day after world bank announced funding, why our largest number of new infections was around the same time the funding from the aforementioned world bank was released. Why the government insists of burying victims within 24 hours despite numbers being very low, why the first recovery cases’ stories did not add up, why only South Africa’s infection curve seems to be consistent with the exponential infection rate(most African countries announced infections around the same time as stated above). Why the government consistently tests under the capacity of 600 tests per day yet insists on starting mass testing. Where the health professionals to be employed will come from and why are they sticking to a model that does correspond to the new infection rate…WHO and PRC are not the only scammers around from where I stand