The Great wall of China

The only man made object visible from the moon surface. Built for more than two thousand years through several dynasties. In deed China has always been a force to reckon with.

NO you cannot see it from space(NASA and chinku austro Yang Liwei confirmed this). It is there but no man made structers are visible from such scales

So Donald Trump is definitely a Chinese in another universe.

Bottom right corner


Ze moon?
Danganya @masai mjinga

Kuna hii ya afrika

Sometimes I wonder why China didnt colonise the world. I mean they literally had everything with them. They were the first to make those huge ships used by Europeans to travel the world, they invented gun powder in the 9th Century and also were very brilliant in architectural designs copied by Europeans.

They were too divided, hebu Google the century of humiliation. European countries and Japan really oppressed them

Chinese had great state organization, but were and are still not as cunning as the Europeans. they also are sticklers to stifling tradition and homeland which the European doesnt care about that much.

It was built to keep out baberisns

They were not interested in conquest, in fact the main reason they built great wall was to keep out barbarians because they were far ahead of all the people around them

Throughout 13th & 14th century, modern day China was under the Mongol Empire. Chinese forces however revolted and broke away to form the Ming Empire. The Great Wall was built by the Ming dynasty to keep away Mongols.

Fcukers invented gunpowder,they could have blown the brits,spanish,mongols,turkish and romans to smithereens

Mimi ni graduate bwana,hii kijiji hakuna mtu amesoma kuniliko