The great Sizzla kalonji first public appearance at just 19

Simplicity we used to servive. …

hehehe…bobo kalonji mwenyewe

…You make me feel so good, you make me feel so great
Love just like I would, love looking at your smiling face
All I care about is your love
Girl I’ve been thinking of all the things we’ve done
People say things just to see us slipping
And it still don’t break us up
She found the great making good love making
Most high take us up cuz, that’s the way we ought to go …

Zake moto

My all time Favourite Reggae Artist, makes a lotta sense to me, each and every song!!! I always look forward to listening to his songs as I reflect on life

Guide over us ndio yunibamba zaid followed closely by Words of divine na Just one of those days

how did I skip guide over us

Half has never been told na Good ways pia

Hii pia aliweza. Was a big tune