The great potential in Naivasha and Nanyuki

I believe every up town youth (mtu amechanuka or ako na friends wamechanuka) has been to either Naivasha or Nanyuki for purposes of local tourism. Both towns have numerous hotels hidden in the greenery. Naivasha in particular has a large fresh water lake whereas Nanyuki has some breath taking scenery with both Mt Kenya and Aberdares glazing the horizon. Both towns are well served with modern road network connecting them to the capital. The two destinations make an almost perfect destination for a short roadtrip and the temptation for an overnight stay is overwhelming. Also the local population in both towns is a well educated and enlightened population yaani hakuna extreme traditions that would make a visitor feel out of place.

The above should make the local leadership come up with a visionary strategy to make the two towns into model tourist destination. Am talking about well designed towns where the target is to encourage tourists to stay and/ or come back. A deliberate effort to encourage investors in the tourism industry set up shop there. Strict implementation of building codes (hii maneno ya Kikuyu architecture to be illegalized). The leadership can even consider building very modern markets where they can attract dealers in ‘high quality but local products’ e.g. Kenyan coffee, tea, local textiles. While at it have professionally ran local restaurants strategically located in the markets. Such eateries can be incentived to operate for 24hrs.

The leadership should also actively encourage concerts (non religious of course), festivals and entertainment events to be held there. This can be done by giving organizers incentives and building infrastructure specifically targeting mass entertainment events including sporting events.

Instead what we have is a very sad tale of missed opportunities. Both towns are dusty, garbage infested slum like towns. Kikuyu architecture dots the skyline of both towns. The hotels, restaurants, markets are the usual cliche establishment that can be found in any slum. The other day i had to pay parking fees in Nanyuki mind you the parking spot is not marked, the street was dirty, etc.

Someone talk to the leadership huko tuwachanue. NKT


Nanyuki CBD. Circa 2020

HIyo nanyuki CBD inafanana Rongai ama kitengela back in 2014-2015…

What’s needed is controlled and planned development…

Parts of This place look like a big dirty garage…

Ahhhhhh umemaliza yeye kabisa

Poor road infastructure in nanyuki

Kijana wacha kusumbua wakubwa. Kazi ya serikali ni kula budget na kungoja Njoroge na Ukur watume pesa ingine.
Visionary things like planning, zoning, code enforcemnt and creation of public parks, expanding the tax base ni kazi ya wajinga. Walioshanoka wanarokota pesa ya tender hapa wanaenda kula bata Dubai. Thank your for your dreams though.

The people will decide the leadership they want in 2022

Most towns that have sprung up after mkoloni left have no plan. They are unplanned sprawling ghettos. As long as there is Covid money to be eaten Kenyan leaders cannot be bothered to expand the tax base. Our country suffers from lack of patriotic leaders, what we have are thieves and basement IQ charlatans like Uhuru and Sonko. Imagine that “Lady” MCA, that one of mafirifiri, she looks drunk 24-7. Others like the Mutheu who was being clobbered ni malaya ya Sonko. Imagine such “leaders” in charge of the capital city.

Yet, there’s a passenger train ready for operation? I wonder who will be using the train to visit such a town?


Middro crass lazima wakumbushwe ghettos exist everywhere. Hata you go to Vasha you are still a paycheck away from madondo reality. You can run but you can’t hide.


the problem is not leadership it’s the people. e.g in nanyuki when governor Muriithi was elected he vowed to clean up the town n modernize. in his first year he cleared alot of vibandas and unscrupulous hawkers’ spots that had taken up road spaces, he started marking the parking spaces. since then he has been facing resistance from the residents and his popularity has dwindled bcoz ati he “only care for the rich”. to save his reelection he has slowed down the tranformation process, but the town is much better than it was in 2016.

I usually see that train once in a while. It looks like it was dug up from a scrap graveyard

That’s a problem that faces all politicians including Uhunye. The majority of the electorate are the duthi guys, watu wa vibandas, hawkers, Malaya etc. They cannot afford to annoy them.

Without people like you in leadership hatutaenda mahali…but unaeza kuwa ulivote na thuraku wenzako alafu unatupima akili you want progress … jubilee voters don’t want progress

Middro crass ndio issue. Wanapenda maringo sana. Shida ya ghetto nayo though is the wannabes and lanyes. So whichever way you look at it you are screwed. Power to the hardworking ghetto youth though. Resist drugs and fake lifestyles na mutamake. Middro crass wakanyage kubwa kubwa.

i am a jubilee voter, n i can tell u most of the best performing governors r jubilee (or independent-jubilee like Laikipia), but look at nyanza where all governors r ODM, they the least progressive.

This is another white elephant train ya century will be expensive to maintain

No way…there will always be people wanting to travel to Vasha and Nanyuki.