The Great Migration.

Shady characters will always rally behind the current administration, these would have happened regardless who won.


Huyu ni nani tena?

That is the definition of shit…should be exhibited at Merriam Webster


Kakamega DG elect.

Arror never keeps dogs, and even if he did, he wouldn’t keep a useless dog like Ayub Savula

The truth is that the DCI and the media were being used to create an impression that only 1 side had thugs. with a balanced coverage, prepare because the alleged thug side will comparatively look like saints

Savula was a ruto man even before MDVD joined KK. But alifinywa na DCI hadi akatii. He is however an incompetent buffoon. I wonder why Barasa Picked him as running mate.

Campaign funds might have been the reason.

Savula and Barasa can’t even be compared. Barasa iko pesa Kentraco. Ile ya Savula ni ya kununua njugu

Wee sudi tulia na ujifunze ustaarabu…usituaibishe mbele ya dignitaries

Savula is a charlatan, hana pesa. I respect Khalwale more, he managed to swim against the tide and got elected on UDA. Lakini our Luhya politicians are shameless.

But in this context, why would you blame Savula? Savula alikula pesa ya serikali, but we all know he was not alone. The Guy was a broke journalist na hiyo pesa alikula na watu including accountants. But Wakati ya kufinya yeye, wanafinya yeye peke yake on condition that aende Azimio. How is he shameless?