The Great Lie That Kenya Has Beautiful Women

Look at kenyan women, the likes of Orie Rogo Crampled Ass Wiping Gazeti, Mrs. 4thLetter Fermented Puke in the kitchen sink, Avril Very Wide Pooch…

The undisclosed country that i am in has the best women in the world. African, but skins so rich yellow even you the most conservative would rim her asshole

Somalia? Kaa huko na usirudi Kenya

Somalis are not africans, but arabs



reminds of some training we had with fellows from all over the world. then we were told to group ourselves according to our continents. Egyptians wakaenda middle east… wanasahau AFCON

sasa Na wewe hupendi wanawake. Kula kwa macho alafu enda ujipige punyeto.

Hii is your most beautiful list? Pray you can see where you went wrong as a human being. Hope am not talking to a blind MF
[SIZE=6]Umeibiwa bibi na sponsor wakaenda caanan so ukaona ulete umeffi hapa.pole lakini[/SIZE]

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Kuna dem flani mrembo kuruka from sudan and she never considered herself african but arab na saa hizo her mum was darfurian. When she went to fill a form and she had to tick on her race, she couldnt tick on african, caucasian, asian, latina. Mlami alimwangalia na urembo yake nakumshow “You tick on African descent honey”

So this was meant to be funny?

Kojoa ulale

As funny as a somali claiming to be an arab