The Great Fixer @ART is Back!

The Great fixer,maven and a colossus is back!All hail the King!Am just back fro the last round of fixing that moribund,sterile,batty,non compos and aberrant called Raila Amolo Tinga son of of the eternal journeyman the biblical CAIN.To my immortal and perdurable nemesis @Deorro you have my unceasing gratitude for showing the whole world how low a human being can sink,i urge you to take up this opportunity and send me to the sin bin before i have my chance of fixing you.For now i have a lot to do but wait for the great pronouncement on the 24th of October 2017.


Karibu Generali, we are still going strong, happy and winning.

Many alleged that you are the @trix, welcome back,
Update kijiji on the latest happenings

Asante Brother…Aluta continua!

Thanks Brother Ubongo,Am getting debriefed by my handlers at Harambee house.Soon mtajua battle umepiganwa haikuwa rahisi.The behind the scenes battle that culminated into withdrawal of the son of CAIN from the ballot was epic.I will soon brief you.


I dont converse with your likes.

Mungiki ulikua forced leave?

niaje homo webdev

Karibu @Art people have been insinuating that am your alter ego.

welcome back General your absence was felt

hapa umejianika.

aki ninyonye na sitaambia mtu


Again! When did you leave?

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Salute General

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The Generali was in purgatory!



Niliona nbc kwa tv, si uwakulishe ndengu

@Wakanyama unasumbua…how do you multi-handle?? So much free time!!!

Karibu sana @Art, I was wondering where you vaped to. Your fearlessness/sharp foresight is unmatched on this forum. Stay around we slay the beast once and for all. Kwanza vile ako abroad saa hii watching his supporters online trashing the country inatuuma sana. He is vvvv lucky that he is able to come and chillax huku lakini Mungu wetu anawaona tuu. Remember they fled to SA in 2013 holding us ransom again? if Uhuru left us in the doldrums like that in the hour of need we would ditch him like a nonsense.

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