The Great Debate ..

The Great Debate …
Is this Pleasure … or … Pain … ??? :smiley: :smiley:


rexumbwa ghassia takataka



Ghasia kumbaff

Looks like exorcism in seshen

A mixture of both, Unexplainable feeling. As in she’s in her her own new world of feeling(Kama Sunguch feeling)

You are sick, umeenda morgue ukaibe mwili ndio utombe fucking necrophilia shiat

Rexx if you are truly a DR you need to be struck off ASAP.

This picture is from quite a while ago.

Kindly expound further… :smiley:

Feeling iliyokithiri,huwezi jua ni utamu ama uchungu but ni feeling nzuri sana aethru:cool:(The opposite of this is the feeling dume huskia on the verge of nutting)

Interestingly , the Pre-Nutt Apex sensation is the most sublime feeling that a Man can experience …

Time , Reality and External Stimuli loose all significance … You become One with the pleasure that you experience …

Sadly , it lasts only 10-30 seconds and is followed by total bliss and muscle relaxation… :smiley: :smiley: