The Grand Mullah should learn some English grammar


Ukweli tu ukiskia vile hio alshabab Grand mullah huongea unajua tu ni mtu D- , hata an english sentence ni ngumu kutamka he has to struggle.

Wachaneni na Subrim got !

@Bingwa Scrotum kuja tetea ya filthy arab.

subreme dromedary

Only bonobos think that speaking the overrated english is a standard determinant of progress and proof of inteligence thus defining strength of character Most of the developed countries barely speak it… china,germany,scandinavia,japan .

Speaking english is not a credibility of decency…ni hayo tu

si uende kortini uongee kikuyu basi

That fockers English is so basic to a point that, he wouldn’t last in a class 7 debate some 25 years ago.

If possible yes but ukoloni ndio iko kwa ubongo zenyu ndo maana mnaona wazungu ka mungu . Pale tanzania ni kiswahili kortini. Hapa unafungwa bure ju kizungu ilipiga chenga

You can use Swahili in Kenyan courts

Uko na ujinga. If the language of instruction in Kenyan schools and universities is English, and you are a graduate of Arts, how then do you claim to have gotten something from the system if you can’t demonstrate acceptable grasp of the language of instruction?

Fluent English isn’t a sign of high intelligence.

No doubt,the language of instruction is a pre condition, its like teaching an animal a trick.
Can’t the same “system” be conversed in a native language? I know you will base your argument on non native names that’ll be hard to translate,but how do chinese or germans call a tree frog,giraffe or Mercury?

Most people will grasp a subject fully if demonstrated in their mother tongue. Kweli au rongo?

Here in kenya,bila ngoso hakuna pahali unaenda,you can be rich AF but the next fukara guy gets favoured if he speaks fluent english na sio ile ya “from now hence forth” or “me I prefer” which some here consider as english.
FYI mercury is zebaki in swa but you care less,right?[SIZE=1]thought you might want to know[/SIZE]
Cc @eddy mahelo @uwesmake

Yes …I know. How many people know court terminologies in swa? I don’t and i can bet a coasterian doesnt even know either…a mkamba an ogiek or a rendile would be fcuked if the language has to be either english or swa in regards to the presiding judge. Do you know of a rendile or ogiek judge or lawyer for that matter?

You are engaging in a ktalk favourite pastime; whataboutism. You have addressed everythiñg except my question.