The government works in mysterious ways

How the fuck do they decide that trains can carry passengers full capacity, and even flights,but the same people after alighting at Mombasa, they cannot share a van meant to carry 8pax,because they are only allowing 6pax.

Gari ya 22pax inabeba 13pax…
Hata ferry wanahesabu watu, the cops, and they detain excess passengers, the same passengers heading to a fully packed Sgr train.

Am unable to can… Hasara tu

Are you at Mombasa?

Peasants si kila Mtu hutumia psv. Nunua electric scooter na hii tabia ya kuambukizana magonjwa na walala Hoi uta sahau.[SIZE=1] Replying nikiwa Kwa ummoinner :D:D:D[/SIZE]