The good African husband

Ole wenu mulikataa wazungu, see your life @Big Boss

What does race or colour of skin have to do with child molestation???‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️ You think this white motherfuckers don’t abuse their kids???

Can you stop calling them white mother fkrs. They taught you English. You don’t get to insult someone in a language that’s theirs.

Can you comment on this case and avoid insulting white men and even the clothes you wear are from them if not for them you’d be naked swinging from branch to branch. Have some respect and comment onthis monkey who did this.

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A bit over the top there …


Don’t forget that we were building Pyramids , studying Science and Medicine while they were Cave Dwelling , Skin wearing hunter gatherers … :D:D:D

Isn’t it a travesty that in spite of being light years ahead of the white man all he had to do was offer Lobengula a bottle of gin and he handed over the entire territory of Rhodes to be under the protectorate of her majesty the Queen . What happened to those smarts yall like talking about?

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Ma’am, hapo sikubaliani nawe. Wabeberu walimharibia Lobengula jina. He was tricked–of course he couldn’t read the document, written in English. He thought he was giving Rhodes a small wasteland, part of his kingdom, to build his church, wakati aliweka kidole kwenye wino, na kubandika fingerprint kwenye karatasi. Kumbe karatasi liliandikwa anapeana yote. Ni kama kudanganywa ataingiza kichwa tu. Shortly thereafter, British soldiers landed to claim it. That’s how Cecil Rhodes got huge swaths of land in Southern Africa.

Well for some one who build empires that’s kind of a juvenile mistake. Was he forced to sign?

You know, with the advantage of a Western education, and the undeserved pride of living in an era of almost limitless access to knowledge, it’s easy to blame him, and feel that he was a fool. But writing was not his culture, and he must’ve thought his new ‘friend’ meant well. Of course they must have worked through some poorly schooled local interpreters and guides. How could a man who was illiterate, both in reading and writing, and in the guile of a traveller from so far a land as to seem mystical, be privy to the stunning power of an ink mark made with his thumb, once that piece of paper landed on the desk of the Queen of England?

Us we are Luhyas from lower Egypt. Descendants of Moses. We wore clothes made of reeds and leopard skins. And we developed Pythagoras and calculus. We studied architecture, medicine, geography and Astronomy. Mzungu didn’t teach us shit.