The Gold standard might be back soon

BRICS is planning to introduce a new trading currency backed by the gold at the upcoming summit. Like I called it here a few months ago, this is great news for the new multipolar world we are headed and would be a blow to the current economic war going on. I believe it’s right time for Kenya to join BRICS. The compromised Kenyan diplomatic community should for once put the country first.

What will The United Sodom Of Gomorrah do? Will they invade Russia?

All what was predicted by Ellen G. White will come to pass. The slippery slope shall continue

Who’s that?

They still win.

A prolific author popular with adventists.Titles to her name include The Great Controversy and From Here to Forever among others

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SDA church prophetess who advocates for no meat in meals and outlaws the consumption of tea

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Kuweni wapole wasee :grin:

Kumbe @Eng_iti ni jamaa ya kutoka huko Suneka karibu na Kamagambo!