The glory of Africa


Ama unataka kusema ya kwamba huyo mwanaume anapita hapo nyuma na suti ni wewe on your way to the state house… in Ghana or Ivory coast to “sign a new deal”? :smiley:

And on the way there, Jura your PA and official photographer noticed this fine lady selling cocoa pods. Baadaye akatwanga logo ya “wakadan”.

that’s me heading to the state house in Accra

Uko sure huyo jamaa wa suti si ile ghaseer ya kuimba gospel za kikisii …embarambara


You asked her to prepare pawpaw salad so you may eat it out of her hand?


Hehe, too cold for pawpaw. Hot ox-tail soup does wonders. With peppered chunks of tail, of course.

Will try that out next time I fly there