The George Russel Effect - Mercedes offers Hamilton just 1 year £30M deal

@captain obvious my predictions have just come true. Just like Bottas, Hamilton is set to leave Mercedes by 2022.

@Gamal Sankara Hamilton has been taken to early retirement by George Russell. U said sijui watampea 5-year deal kama Verstappen because he is a goat…lol.

Wazee over 30s waende nyumbani sasa, let them youngsters run the show

A black man hawezi pata haki in a white man’s sport! Yaani it was sooo unthinkable for them to pay him his worth? All those wins and glory he brought them not forgetting merchandise sales and vehicle sales.

hiyo pesa wapatie engineers. Russel proved that it is more of a car than Hamilton

Hehehe problem with africans is that u have to drag the race card everywhere. This is just business. Input versus output. Lewis is a decent driver, but so are 10 other drivers on the grid who can win races in his car. Nobody is going to pay you £80M for that.

Its not just russel who was after that seat.

Hakuna kitu ya maana ulipredict. Hamilton wanted a one year deal as well

It is understood that both Hamilton and Mercedes wanted the flexibility of a short deal.

After 2021 either Hamilton puts them through another round of grueling negotiations, or moves to another team and continues to dominate. Mercedes’s success is not guaranteed from 2022. The GOAT is sharp. I told you Hamilton will win WDCs with 3 different teams by the time he retires. Mark this post.

Are you all saying that his vehicle was rigged to favor his numerous wins??? Hamsaidiki!

Then why was he demanding for a share of the team’s ownership as part of his contract if he just wanted 1 year deal? Si ange sign kitambo ata last year if he just wanted 12 months, Bottas signed his on August na akamaliza story. Lewis knows he cant win anything without superior equipment and support of Mercedes. And also Mercedes know this.

Hapa it was just a matter of take what we are offering or ship out we bring George. Jamaa akukunja mkia since he does not want to go Ferrari or Redbull.

The reason why Mercedes are where they are is because of their visionary and foresight. Lewis is 36 years, sure he has won races in the past. But offering him a £200M 4-year deal to race until 40 like he was demanding is just plain stupid.

I cant wait for season to start tho.

Ukitaka kulipwa 100 bob unaitisha 250 kwanza alafu bargain zinaanza. Simple common sense.

Bottas is a nobody, never ever mention him in the same sentence as the GOAT.

As we’ve drilled into your thick skulls for months now, no world champion ever won without the best vehicle on the grid. Hata Redbull yenu has the second best vehicle but Albon na Gasly walikuwa wanashinda number 7 ama 13 (in Albon’s case). Ilibidi wa-sign mzee Checo, who’s 31, despite having several “talented” youngsters from the Redbull program. Superior machinery goes hand in hand with once-in-a-lifetime talent. Mushienzi.

Hehehehehe acha tuone ni title gani izo atashinda without Mercedes then. The good thing we only have to wait for 10 months to see the answer to this. Russel is for sure getting his seat in 2022. My prediction: Lewis will retire by December claiming that he has ‘won everything that needs to be won’ …lol

Halafu Verstappen will wipe the floor with Checo, once again. Wewe ngojea uone .

Max will be a world champion before 2023.

Sio mbali, acha tu tungoje. He’s already wasted the opportunity to be the youngest world champion. No one doubts Max is a future world champion, lakini he won’t go past 2 WDCs. In fact, no Red bull driver will ever beat Vettel’s record.

Wasted how? He hardly had the 3rd best car on the grid after Ferrari and Benz. Formula 1 is changing post 2022 and thats why Mercedes dont want to commit to anything or anyone for a long-term deal. Even George’s contract at Williams Mercedes inakatika december. Mercedes can even decide to withdraw from F1 all-together and sell their stake at AMG petronas.

What i know is that Lewis hawezi kubali to go another team and scrap from the bottom. If Merc leaves, he will also leave.

Lewis Hamilton should retire as a champion after next season and cement his legendary status.

What I meant was Mercedes won’t always be the most dominant team in F1, as unlikely as it currently seems. Every era has a team that puts everything in place, then the stars align for them. From 2022 don’t get surprised if Renault, McLaren or even a resurgent Williams become title contenders due to small but crucial tweaks in their vehicle designs.

If i was him ningeingia pale Ferrari nikule pesa ya retirement polepole bila wasiwasi

Hehehe wiiliams cant do shit. It will take centuries for them to win a WDC. Mimi naona adrian newey akifanya hesabu ya 2022 vizuri tena to come up with a dominant car. Also rumors are rife that we might see an all electric powerunit in F1 by 2025. All in all, the sport is never gonna be the same again.

Upus, he’ll race at least until he’s 40. Kina guka Alonso na Schumacher walirudi tu. It’s not unusual for former F1 champions to keep racing. As far as I know Rosberg is the only pussy to retire after a championship, maybe there were others huko kitambo. Even if he doesn’t win another championship, Lewis will keep setting pole records and winning GPs here and there.

Dont be so sure about that. Honestly i dont see him going past this season. Formula 1 is not what it used to be, with the budget caps and empty stands.

Awuoooohlan shatter manaluo.

Wanaruona mungiki ghasia niaje