The Future of Luo Nyanza

Now that the Odingas are about to tap out and exit the scene, who will take over the leadership of the Nyanza region?

Itakua segmented kama mbaruyas. Without Odinga ODM may even split into different parties.

Bottom line is a Ruto win is technically a win for Luo nyanza in terms of development.

Njaruos are about to find their minds. Odinga is about to become a slur in Nyanza

People are preparing for nyayo 2.0. Mnangojea development itoke wapi?

explain nimeona umeandika hivi kwa post ingine

Actually even in his stronghold RAO people didn’t turn out as expected.
For example in Rarienda Constituency, out of 128k registered voters only 78k turned out to vote.
Just imagine…

This is a blessing for them and even for kyuk nation the last thing kenya needs is tribal kingpins !

Its not over till its over. Lets wait fool

And remember hakuna as much external borrowing… So ataiba pesa internally…

Labda crew yake ya wash wash ikuje na new avenues to source funds outside KENIA…

Luo Nyanza will suffer in this 10 yrs to come the only developments that will occur in those areas are those led by governors, national govt projects sahau…gainers in the 10 yrs to come ni Bungoma county and Rift Valley

Ruto alishinda, ndio nmepewa habari kutoka Bomas.

I will quote what he [a relative working at IEBC] told me, “Huyu jamaa ametugonga clean, but hakuna communication so far tuko kwa giza pia”.

Unamaanisha the few other pockets of people who voted for Ruto in other areas won’t gain :D:D
There are areas where Ruto was getting 40%. The image will show it’s an Azimio area because it’s 60% yet you have hundreds of thousands of people in that area who voted for Ruto.

Ole wao. Wata suffer na sisi watu wa Azimio. Sisi kama watu wa Azimio tumezoea mateso with things like dead public hospitals:D:D

@ChifuMbitika @sani @hakimoto shikeni stock yenu. Am on my way to Bondo…[machos…]




Blame your governors. Health is a devolved function.

raira exit will bethe best thing that happened to the whole of kenya including Luo Nyanza. Rational leaders from there will now be able to come out and articulate their manifesto without being threatened by rat’s MIB. A Luo president is now a real possibility

The governors inherited dead hospitals with no amenities especially in interior towns. They just had a lot to do and not mentioning other poor dead services which need attention too.

Like I went to Siaya in 2009 to stay with my sister who had just finished her medical degree and there was a health program by UN which she was asked to do. I was surprised to see a town with no tarmac road. A whole town that doesn’t have a tarmac road. I have never been there since but I hope things have improved

Luhyas like @uwesmake na wengineo ndio hunishangaza. Wanakuwanga wamebebewa akili na Luos, yet they are arguably the second largest tribe in Kenya today. Yani hakuna hata talks za a Luhya president.

The data has been cleaned up - Raila the 5th!

Luhya is the largest tribe in Kenya.