The frustrated man - a preamble

Lol my snake like forked tongue really brings the passions out in these men on KTalk. That’s as passionate as they’ll ever get though. They are too frustrated at life.

These guys are mind stuck in the 20th century and that’s why they can’t hack it today. They’ve resorted to making some no name called Nyakundi popular on social media circles. Why? Because he echos back their mindset. Ati your problems are caused by other people and not yourself. Look at the first guy to comment on my previous thread…he revealed here his frustrations in finding a spouse lol (to anonymous folk on the net btw) and is still a self-acclaimed expert on marriageable women.

That’s why women need to be careful about giving the narrative of these men time or light of day. They are both experts on over 30 and under 30 women (coz 30 is a mythical age, amirite? lol). But you ask them do you have a wife? crickets Are you in a long term relationship? crickets But hey, they are experts on women because they read material from frustrated failed American men like Red Pill and the other ridiculous one called MGTOW. A rationalization for failing to live up to responsibility to be shouldered by a man.

So they resort to the classic insults that I’ll show women how to respond to (Women, not men). There’s:
“you’re a slut”
“you’re old”
“you’re ugly”
“you’re sad because you’re too successful”
“wife material do this and that”
I’ll delve into them (for those who wish to read - you can hate and still read though lol).

These men are super irritated. Any woman who “fits the bill” of what they are told are the women who took their rightful spot (" ") is an enemy to be brought down hahaha.
What has happened is that social change has moved way too fast for them to respond. Women are ready to bruise their knees but they still stuck in some “women belong in the kitchen” mentality. You see how threatened these kinds of men were by a few more girls in the KCSE top ten. Or the pathetically simplistic “boy child” war cry that has actually lost steam lol. They can follow an entire year of Premier League and buy the same video game release every year but cannot pull behind any kind of substance.

Next up, responding to the Barbs frustrated men through.


:smiley: @senji kuja usummarize hii stori ya huyu mdem tena.


Tunanyonya juice bila kusumbua[ATTACH=full]148286[/ATTACH]


Preach on sistah gurrl tuko nyuma yako. :D:D:D



Wewe tulisema ni mdogo sana huwezi kuwa unajua kuosha kuma


Hii naiskia leo for the first time :D:D:D:D:D

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hahaha but wengine wamesema Mimi ni mzee Sina bwana lol

ni inbox full image ya avator yako nisafishe mecho

what has ktalk turned into?

nyuma yake na strap on ama? jus asking.


Ume jipaka white out kama cutex


Now after you hahaha and lol …like who still does lol??

You just a wide poochied regular hoe


Nitakuosha kuma chunga sana


Huyu ni kienyeji proper

Ni reality ya NJAAnuary imehit

So for you having a wife or being in a relationship define success?

Men are not like women. I can f*ck around and marry at 65. Can you do the same?
If the answer is no, this post has no basis.


Ile kuni unataka ndio urudi default settings, nahurumia mwenye hiyo assignment.

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Actually you have raised a single important point in your thread,but the majority of the content therein is spiteful and based on malice.Kwa hayo machache go back to the salon and continue making your fellow womenfolk feel inferior with tales of your success in your relationship.

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Lakini pewa cookie kwanza


Then twende beach

Oops! ! ! My bad i forgot to tell you , how much i love oranges.