The French Have lost their damn minds

This is their PM, he is 34 YO.


This is his fuckmate, he is 38 YO.

Then there is makaroni with his nyanye

They should send the faggots to deal with jabass huku Kenya

First lady looks like a character from a horror movie who lures lives in a secluded shelter in the middle of a forest and lures innocent wanderers to her house, serves them tea and biscuits and then bludgeons them to their death while they are looking away .

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how does macron even get an erection witn such a nyanye. does she even get wet?

Read the Bible about the daughter in-law if Judah son of Israel . When her husband died ,she took his younger brother , he died she waited for the last one who was under 18 to grow Dio atoshee kwa hio coomer