The fourth largest economy in the world

Mother Russia usurped Japan and Germany to become the 4th largest economy despite sanctions.

Hata sodomist’s attack dogs wamesema

@Simiyu22 ulisema sanctions take how many years to mature?


Wewe @WasikA wasee kama @kipuke Wakipiga laini na watoto wake wapewe visa ya kuenda kremlin, is when I will put significance to such news. A bloated military budget kills everything.

Otherwise for now, Putin raised taxes to help pay for the war.

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Will backfire for putin

@rexxsimba alisema Rusland inaporomoka. Aje atoe maoni.

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This is mig 29.

Slovakia’s transfer of MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine in 2023 was illegal, and “legal measures” will be taken against the former head of the country’s Defense Ministry, Yaroslav Nagy, said Igor Melikher, Secretary of State of the republic’s military department.

He explained that the expert analysis of Nadia, which the former minister justified the need to supply Ukraine with the MiG-29, “does not exist.” In addition, according to him, “The Constitution of Slovakia prohibits the outgoing government from taking such important steps in foreign policy.”

Slovakia once rabidly anti russian had seen the light and is making amends. They will prosecute former ministers who sent mig 29 to ukrane - putin destroyed them anyway. The mama bear will be happy with this nyoos. All those who went to war with mama bear will pay.

Your nato alliance is having internal upheavals, fractures and factions. Opposition within is growing. And there aint nothing you wil do about it in your nato joska hq.

You heard it first here from @kipuke with intelligence better than your whole clan can give.

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Ati you’ll put significance to such news when what happens? Kwani wewe ni nani? Ati sasa ukikataa hii fact, Russia will be removed from 4th place? :green_emoji:

Whatever man.

Any proof that putin has raised taxes and that military budget has balooned? Ama ni your normal maoni yako tumezoea kama ile ya sanctions maturing by 2024?

The same BBC goes on to state the following:

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This superb move adds pressure on the U.S. dollar as developing countries begin distancing themselves from the American economy.

The development could lead to hyperinflation in the U.S. making the prices of daily essentials skyrocket in the homeland. It has already. The U.S. economy needs investments from offshore countries through bonds to fund its deficit.

Those in amerka can better tell us how inflation is going on there lately. Is it one of the points biden is taking a beating for and causing resurgence of mzito trump? @Simiyu22 update us on the inflation thingys in your amerka and feel free to tie it to your senile biden and trump if you wish.


umbwa russia is not even in the top 10.

Someone else is buying the those bonds…you need someone who will still pay 200 years from now without any drama…stability.

Who is buying? China? Nope!

Saudi arabia? The stongest ally in the middle east? Nope!

Maybe kenya? How much are they buying?

The grapevine Is saying that Saudi Arabia is refusing to extend the 50 years contract with USA regarding petrodollars that was signed in 1974.

As US grapple with debt, the govt of the President Richard Nixon removed gold standard backing from the dollar.

Dollar became world currency backed by petroleum, not gold.

Developing story.

@Simiyu22 intelligence imefika hapo joska nato hq? Ama bado? Inakuja kama biden?


@kipuke Saudi Arabia are American simps. They don’t have much control over America any more because, take a guess who the largest producer of oil in the world is???

Who is calling the shots. Wewe na @WasikA pick parts of a sentence and think that’s the whole book.

You really are shallow. Sodom might be the biggest producer of oil, but what’s your consumption? How much are the reserves? You want to tell us that sodom will be OK with Saudia reverting to gold standards?

The other day guka biden was furious with the faggot zelensky for hitting russian oil infrastructure inside russian territory. Unadhani wewe ndio uko na akili kuzidi advisors wa huyo guka? I know you were in Sodom once upon at time and now you retired kwa kichaka hapo Joska but kuna vile most of your info leave a lot to be desired. Don’t expose your ignorance mukasa


Haki this guy @Simiyu22! :green_emoji:

@Simiyu22 mimi I pick the whole library. So which point are you trying to refute? Becoz it seems like I’m talking with another biden. You can hardly string together a coherent thought.

It’s lining up for antichrist Trump when he returns and gets the dollar back to the gold standard.

I wrote about it a while ago.

Wacha mambo ya Biden. US is one of the largest consumers. Previously, they did not produce enough and relied on the Saudis. That has changed in the last 5 years with the stepped up production as America has is now the largest producer and climbing.

Do you want to know why the price of oil was historically low, two years ago? The Saudis flooded the market to stave off American producers who needed $60 a barrel to break even. That collapsed the price of oil. It was the second time they did it in 10 years. The first time it worked. This time, they were prepared. So the Saudis tanked.

So now, Americans are no longer reliant on the Saudis. Sasa ndio hao wanajaribu kuringa eti hawachukui dollar. Na wawe @kipuke nad @WasikA mnarukia. But it’s like Quivers telling you they don’t take mpesa. Who’s is the suffer.

Read the whole book nyinyi. Stop taking a sentence and assume it’s the gist of a book.

My goodness @Simiyu22 we are not talking about who is the biggest producer or consumer. Or who is dependent on whom. We are saying oil will no longer be necessarily bought and sold in dollars. Sijui what is too hard to grasp about that. Your dollars are going back to your pentagon.

Paragraph nyingi weka kwa report utume pentagon. Sio kwetu

We don’t care , we are also flying back home

Saudi has just announced they will be selling oil to china in their currency yuan. Meanwhile us is moving huge troop number to middle east to intimidate the Saudi’s and will probably start switching off their US supplied arms and planes. And Saudi’s joing brics too.