The "former" Nyandarua lodge, pale River Road

Is it that Nyandarua lodge has been upgraded ama kitu gani?
There used to be nice wares hapo sana. Any information please, on ma way to Nairobi

Huskii aibu ukiuliza mambo ya poko na lodging asubuhi?Do you have a job or business to attend to…shónóká

with a pink handle ,mi ctajibu hio swali

kila mtu na hustle yake…

Peleka wares zako huko bila kusumbua…Shenji.

this is rich…coming from one who considers himself a serious fokker and would want to be known as such…

Reminds me I was on a shuttle from Nyeri and an obese man took out his phone as soon as the vehicle started moving, switched lines and opened Tinder telling a Kunguru that he is on his way they should meet at Arkland Hotel.

SV hii tabia ya kuangalia simu za watu admin alikataza

I don’t post about lodgings and 200/- bob whores now do I.Fact check me on that

Nyandarua lodging ni wazimu wachana nayo, ata afadhali uende Green Court aka Moi girls hapo Latema street.
Tin troller mbona unauliza about Nyandarua lodging? Anyone who knows or visits that club knows there are other clubs in that street kwa hivyo hii thread yako is just meant to elicit responses from villagers