The Folly of Starting a Business for your Wife

There is that thread by @kimathi me asking if he should start a business for his wife so that she can stop asking him for money :D:D

I have started this thread because I can. I will explain why you should never start a business for your wife under any circumstance.

The reason why you should never start a business for your wife is because there are only negative results for you as the man. It is a situation where all possible outcomes end with you losing.

Consider the two possible outcomes:

a. The business becomes a huge success

Her hypergamous nature kicks in. She suddenly thinks she can do better than you and can no longer tolerate your bs. She doesn’t need you anymore and probably starts cheating. Alternatively, she becomes hard-headed and you can no longer tolerate the disrespect so you divorce her. Either way, the marriage ends and you lose your children. History has always shown that relationships where a woman out-earns the man don’t last…yours won’t be any different.

b. The business fails after sinking in a large pile of money

You waste time and money in a useless venture. Worse still, you go into debt if you don’t know when to cut your losses. It affects your productivity in your main job. You waste at least one year’s income on a useless venture.

Look at the above outcomes. As the man, there is no upside to opening a business for your wife. She has all the upside and you have all the downside. The first outcome favors her only, not both of you.

First ensure ako na mtoto wako … no child no business … ata akienda mtoto wako atasaidika anyways :D:D
c. Open and maintain tight control over the business kwa side ya finances.

Let her do management … You be the man and handle renting, finances etc… Kama ni paybill and bank unaweka yako and give her access … Be responsible for supplies/inventory etc

She takes some profit, balance unarudisha capital yako … After that, let the profit help you pay household stuff

d. Open a small business yenye haiwezi grow that much mpaka akue na kiburi … pesa yake kidogo tu


Just use the money to expand your own business.

Happened to R Kiyosaki he made his wife a business partner.

Mgtow alpha males can’t relate

option ‘b’ happens 99% of the time. I know so many friends who burnt their fingers big time while trying to open businesses for their wives. Married women lack the determination and ambition to succeed in life. I have met many male school dropouts who are doing so well in business, the opposite is true for women

Karoga can’t relate to this sheit

A woman who gets married and remains a non-working housewife for a number of years usually exhibits unwillingness to work for money unless is divorced or husband dies.

Kuna jamaa, a very good friend, left his wife coz wife ameangusha several businesses. wife ako na ile mentality ya “bora ‘nimewekwa’ poa life iko sawa tu.”

That’s the thing with these married housewives. They are lazy as fûck

You don’t open a business for your wife… your employ her in your business after running it successfully for at least 2 years…

Una jokes

Upus . A cousin used to have tight control over finances za hardware alikua amefungulia wife but she outsmarted him by opening a huge huko branch huko Mwiki which she had full control of the money .Needless to say hio marriage haikukaa

Ilikua upuzi sana ati bibi akitaka kununua misumari she had to call him akiwa kwa ofisi town to authorise payments

Point (a)
Elders point (a)

Very true, it’s like paying for her bachelor’s and masters degrees. Hii ni kujichimbia kaburi.

When you post kitu ya maana hivi hapo chini unaweka paybill.
Point (a) imenigusa roho. Such actions ndio zinafanya mwanaume anajiua when he remembers what he’s done for the wife na sasa ameomoka hataki story na anakulwa na sonko fulani. Women hawananga regrets and are never greatful.

if you want wife to work siufunge lesso uingie kitchen?
Men have to know you cant have it both ways. this society you have created nusu mkate nusu mkeka ni umafwi haiendi mahali popote pana amani.

Those are the worst kind of women, boy wako ni kichwa maji.

hii nmeona na macho jamaa akitokwa. dem alipata job kwa embassy gigiri. alikua anakulwa na expatriates na the husband couldn’t do shit cz mwenye anakula bibi yake has serious resources and mingles with the who is who in kenya