The Folly of Being a Financially Stable MGTOW

If you earn less than 100k net in Kenya right now. You are exempted from this post because you are broke anyway. It is in your best interest kujijenga so this post doesn’t apply to you. I’m talking about men who earn way more than that and are still single and childless. Most are MGTOW members.

Those guys argue that they are getting ahead of their married peers yada yada sijui freedom. The fact is that they would be better off married with kids in the long run. Being MGTOW seems like a brilliant idea on paper but it fails in real life. If you pick two identical guys with the same income, I argue that they will be roughly at the same level financially at 60 (retirement) despite making different choices - plantation vs MGTOW.

Expenses always rise with income. Its called lifestyle creep. What the MGTOW guy thinks he will save/invest by not having a family will be consumed by a higher lifestyle. As the married guy drives Toyotas and Nissans, he will drive a Benz or BMW. As the married guy holidays in Diani, he will go for vacation in Dubai. He will have more hoes, drink costlier booze, and stay and classier hotels etc. The same goes for time. The extra time that he thought he would use to chase that paper will be used smashing hoes and hanging out with friends more often than the married guy.

In the end, both guys will spend the same amount of money each month and will be at the same level by 60. The only difference is that at that age, one will have kids and memories to show for it and the other will have just memories.

I genuinely believe that past a certain income level, e.g 100k/month (bare minimum), it is incredibly dumb for a man not to have a family.

So if you are MGTOW, you better be broke (earning below 100k) or have the discipline of a monk (which you don’t have) to justify your decision.


Thank you so much @Gaines for giving us our daily dose of bullshit and hogwash.


100k ni pesa kidogo sana. Ndio maana watoto wenu wanateseka huko.

Mwanaume ana earn 100k per month bado abaki bachelor aoe akifika 100k/week. At 100k per month you won’t be walking with the hottest women around.


ladies & gentlemen, I introduce to you the one and only, Mr. brownchieth know it all, the authour of ‘the perfect book of life’ and an expert of single motherhood in ruaka and beyond.

takataka ya manispaa


@Gaines gains 400k monthly from spewing bullshit pale utube

All these MGTOWs have a family somewhere that they abandoned, usidanganywe hapa. Kibe is a good example. The reproductive instinct is too strong to go your entire life without making a single baby


@M2Random sorry @Gaines kuna kitu inakuanga kwa akili yako isipokuwa MGTOW na $1million in the bank?


Nani alichokoza huyu


forestmonkey youre running your mouth yet nilionanga huwezi afford decent gym food, ata supplements ya 10k pekee huwes manage unakula cabbage kama sungura


Mimi si maskini kama wewe, I bought my first car nikiwa campus barely out of my teenage years nili beba 550k cash hadi kwa dealer(najua hauna supper leo kijana). Kwenye nimefika more money will not affect my quality of life all my basic needs are met more than what I have ni luxury itaongeza pekee.

I barely work sisi ni wale watu we made it when writing was big, I maintain a dozen or so accounts generating kindu 300k+ per month kukiwa kumekauka, I have never written in the last 3years. university broke boys wanafanya hiyo kazi, there is even a manager who manges them. I got in early in bitcoin never sold a coin till today wacha niache hapo you seem severly low IQ nikianza kukuelezea how I make a good return from compund intresest, investments in silver and energy stocks I might break your brain.

Working is for sub 100 IQ guys like you, anyone who is above 100 IQ can work for a few year establish solid investments that do not require his presence and time and yield enough monthly so that he can enjoy the thing that matters more whether its travelling or being a collector. For me it’s big heavy weights and young pussy.

I eat healthy, I cook all my food, cabbage ,spinachand kales nilazima na every meal, I love my greens. Budget yangu ya food ni kitu 20k per month bila supplements, steroids na regular back massages/sauna to ease me from the heavy weights that will make your skinny frail body break.

Not only do I destroy you money wise, naeza kushika nikuchape kama mtoto, naeza pita na manzi wako(honestly I can’t hit whatever your hitting it has to be substandard) akuje apatane na real man anajaza 50" shirts akuthadharau like the skinny broke fucker you are.

Sasa enda shop ununue maziwa ya 30 na kdf moja unyonge ulale while I enjoy 1kg of rice, 1/2kg of goat meat, spinach and slices of pineapple, nitombe soft young meat kisha nikunywe a glass of milk as I head to sleep.


Maybe I’m growing softer with age, or it’s the multiple times I’ve come close to death, but when my time comes to leave this gay earth, and I am unfortunate enough to have my wits about me in that moment, I know for a fact that I will not give a single shit about how much money I’ve accumulated, or how finacially stable I have been.
You are literally worse than gold diggers, because at least there are idiots out there who truly (albeit misguidedly) love them. Ask yourself who loves you, and maybe then you’ll begin to understand.
Get a goddamn clue.
Also fuck women, but I’m still not avoiding them because I’m not a pussy.


It’s only unsophisticated embiciles who obsess about accumulating money for the sake of accumating money. Focus on creating a lifestyle that you actually enjoy instead of primitive accumulation shillings. You could drop dead the next 30 minutes, your shillings won’t matter.

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So is it 100k monthly or multiple apartments raking in millions monthly plus 10 million dollars in cash that you alluded to in the other thread?


This nigga hukuwa na a very weird obsession with money… it’s never that serious bro
Money comes money goes … unaeza work hard to accumulate all that and your children will piss it away after your death ama uuliwe na side chick ama unyongwe na waru moto ukufe


ni kuzaliwa fukara maskini hohehahe pale mairo inya alafu aka onja pesa kidogo akawa punguani

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AMG MGTOW nmelanda banae, Mimi dreams zangu sio expensive a Pajero will soon join the Toyota, a trailer to pull a dirtbike and maybe a Mazda Roadster. ama namna gani @Yuletapeli :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Kujipiga kifua mingi then tupate in real life uko kwa SQ pale Kamiti road.


Kuna kitu inaitwa vasectomy… It trashes those reproductive instincts

Hii thread imekua chama ya wamama? Fungeni leso muanze vita mnapiga kifua sana hapa na emotions kama za menopausal Women.

Takataka thread, this threads needs some eye cleanse you men need to be drawn back to your primal instincts…

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