The Following Breed Of People Need To Govern Kenya

President : Dr. Fred Matiang’i
Deputy : Martha Karua (Iron Lady)

Chief of Staff: Nelson Marwa
CS Viwanda. Prof. Kivutha Kibwana

Planning CS: Dr. Alfred Mutua

Reduce Counties from 47 to 10
Reduce MPs to 60
Reduce MCAs to 220
Reduce MPs, Governors’ salaries to 400K/m

wewe umedanganywa na media. unajua martha karua alifungia boyfriend wake jela? a whole judge? karua akiwa justice minister?

Whatever you are describing here is the kanu government. you people have a long way to go.

Am planning to ask IEBC and Bunge this question after ana unprecedented turn of events; we have a pending eviction on people who encroached into Mau forest now that Tobiko is revoking these tittle deeds and Seems like people will eventually have to move out, Question 1: what happens to the area MP and MCA? QUESTION 2: can IEBC declare the areas in contention a null and void area of representation or does it have to be done by an act of parliament?

Wakenya huwezi kuwasaidia , wanataka kuletewa pesa kwa harambee za kanisa wakipewa story za 2022…

That can be done during the review of boundaries as part of the mandate of IEBC.

I would Support you 100%, how I wish it can happen

Could be better but this is fine too.

Weka story mzima ama link.

Isn’t that a sign of professionalism?

I suppose it all depends on the case facts

She jailed him to revenge on a marital dispute

your dreams are valid

You sound certain, perhaps you saw the court file?


Jailed is a bit of an exaggeration. The man was acquitted.