The flamboyant Bishop Mureithi is now dealing with Baby Mama drama. I wonder how he will spin this to his deluded flock

[SIZE=7]House of Grace Bishop Muriithi sued for child upkeep[/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]JM says she was in a relationship with the Man of God since 2018[/SIZE]
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[li]However, Omari says his client has singlehandedly been taking care of the minor without the help of the bishop since he was born.[/li][li]JM says that by not paying the child upkeep Muriithi is denying the minor what is rightfully his.[/li][/ul]
Child Upkeep Bishop David Muriithi at a past event.
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A woman has sued renowned televangelist and House of Grace bishop David Muriithi seeking Sh100,000 monthly allowance for child maintenance for her two-year-old son.
JM claims she met the man of God in 2018 and they entered into a romantic relationship that led to her giving birth to her son in January 2019.

Through lawyer Danstan Omari, JM says Muriithi was happy and excited to hear that news of JM’s pregnancy and was overjoyed when the son was born.

“The plaintiff avers that during her pregnancy period, the defendant was supportive and he wilfully provided for her and the unborn child,” Omari said.
However, Omari says his client has singlehandedly been taking care of the minor without the help of the bishop since he was born.

According to court documents, Muriithi has threatened to not give his support towards the maintenance of the child because he is a bishop with no salary.

JM says by not paying the child upkeep, Muriithi is denying the minor what is rightfully his.

“JM avers that Muriithi is a bishop of a reputable church within the Republic of Kenya who lives a high-end life and is not willing to offer his child the same kind of life which is a clear indication of discrimination on his part,” the lawyer argues.

It is his argument that the child has attained the age to join school and therefore the bishop should support JM with paying the child’s school fees and school related expenses among other things.

“The defendant has been defiant and brazen to accept responsibility and to assist her with the maintenance of the minor herein,” Omari claims.

JM says the man of God does not want anything to do with the minor despite him knowing that he is the biological father of her son.
Omari says Muriithi has shown no interest in the minor and has incessantly showed no interest by failing to address the issue on how the child will be cared for and protected.

She says Muriithi being the father, has totally ignored his role as a parent and has all along left all the parental responsibilities of the minor to her.

“Muriithi has neglected his parental responsibilities least to say and has caused the minor herein to be a child in need of care and protection.” court documents state.
Omari further argues that Muriithi has responsibility over the child which he has to take up to ensure the welfare of the child is safeguarded until he is 18 years old.
Among the things listed in the monthly upkeep include Sh20,000 for food and shopping, Sh35,000 for rent, Sh11,000 for clothing and house help Sh10,000.

JM says the fees is as per the fee structure from Kiota School, Sh1,000 for salon, entertainment Sh5,000, utilities Sh3,000 and Sh2,000 for her son’s toys.

The court has directed JM to serve Muriithi with the application and parties to appear in court on August 25 for hearing.

Danston Omari ni lawyer wa single mothers…

What / how much will the mother provide for her child?

I don’t suppose he is a talker.


Mimi nilikubaliana na my baby momma to be that toi akizaliwa I’ll be sending her 1k weekly na toi akianza kwenda shule I’ll take care of fees na medicals.
Everyone is happy with that arrangement, easy peasy

My late dad warned me to be always wary of “men of God” who are all over shouting vile wameokoka. Sijawahi pata exception. The first person to con me was a pastor.

I always say saved people are not to be trusted. They are the most evil even at work. Ni wale wanakustaki kwa mkubwa. Very unbending. Rigid and judgemental. When you want help at work, pata mtu hukunywa. Or ambaye anafuta fegi. They will always help you with a clean heart.

Huyu mwanamke aliona a good chance to extort. Ati alipiwe hadi WIFI. anyway, men, stay away from trouble if you want peace

elders nisaidieni nijue Bishop Muriithi ni nani ?

If you know Burale and Reverend Kiuna, then you will come across this guy.

He is a New breed of flamboyant pastors targeting uppity middle class Nairobi Church goers.

Kumbe @Mureithi ni kajogoo

She will be sharoned ,Apana cheza na profitable enterprise ya mundu wa nyumba.