The fish is eaten alive, the snake is also eaten alive...

This is inhuman bana. The fish is still breathing na imepikwa in boiling salad and served…

Nyoka nayo haijaamua kama imekufa au la…

So unataka tufanye nini miss patricia?
Tuwafunze kupika ama tuwapelekee kuni, makaa, kerosene stove, meko, gas cooker, electric ama solar cooker?

Tangu upigwe risasi ukiiba umekuwa mtu emotional sana. Nashuku labda risasi iliguza gland zako za testosterone level ukaanza kuwa female like, moist, emotional, bitchy. Etcetera.

Forgot to add a steam boiler and microwave.

Moist coward. Mimi hushangaa na watu kama wewe. You are on an anonymous site… and you start a new handle to insult others… ati your original handle isijulikane, ile ujinga inakuwaga na bonobo. :D:D

No one knows who you are on your original handle but you feel the need to hide again in another one… SMMFH.

What is the point of hiding behind handle number 2 or 3 where no one knows your agenda.

If I insult you, I insult you as patco ukae ukijua ni patco.

Wewe @Mawaya ukitupa your soft punches how I’m to know who that is or even care? What a waste of time, effort and man hours.

these people are heartless banae … their war crimes are similar…pls don’t google them

Upuzi thread.

The ‘soft punches’ punches work for me alright miss patricia if you refer to the comment I have replied to and the one above it.
They rile you up bigly to quote your hero.



11 fucking handles??!

Kwani hauna kazi ya kufanya?


Hey master troll, how are you today?


Hapan cheza na CIA.

The ‘master troll’ was pure irony dimwit.
Man, you are getting more stupider than your age.

What kind of snakes are these? Kenyan snakes are so aggressive and cannot be handled that way, otherwise the hunter may become the hunted. Now see what Chinese has invented, a zoonosis in the name of Corona.

Ile ujinga inakuwaga hio kichwa yako @Mathaais . :D:D:D:D

Hujawai acha kufungua roho hadharani kama kih.ii?


Is that why you use your @Adidas Juu Chini handle to post gayy stuff?

Wewe ni ng’ombe kweli kweli. If anyone criticizes Chinese food or projects e.g this here :

This is why we have the corona virus! - General - Kenya Talk

You immediately assume it’s patco ??!

Umekuwa ktalk tangu February 2015 na bado wewe ni funda kiakili na kimawazo.