The First Gender to Hold Discussions with Satan Strikes Again

I think by now you know my stand on violence. I am against violence of all and any kinds. I don’t think that because mtu ni bwana au Bibi you have a right to take their life if they cheat on you, con you or infect you with HIV. Our society has normalized violence. Police are violent, citizens are violent they do mob justice, men are violent to girl friends for spending their money then leaving them. Women are violent to men who con them. Violence can not resolve anything. Let’s not over invest in this marriages and relationships to the point where if someone cheats on you you become insane and leaving should always be an option. In Kenya it’s like you can only end a relationship if someone dies. Please let’s respect the sanctity of life. Police, citizens, husbands, bfs, wives everybody. Kenyans we have a problem with violence.

When you worship someone too much this are the results should they disappoint you. A halo can quickly become a noose. Let’s avoid as women especially putting men on pedestals and over trusting them. Always leave room for error.

I’m not saying he’s not wearing underwear :D:D , I’m saying there things that he would normally be carrying that he was not carrying. For example, you might find the car keys were not in the car, his shoe laces were untied, there was no stomach content in his stomach from breakfast etc etc. Small things that can tell you this was not a normal guy getting in the car in the morning and his spontaneously catching fire. As Sharlock Holmes said - "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. "

Hahaha boss wewe ni criminal ume watch csi sana but those are valid points you are raising but huko kenya na hawa dci wetu D+ materials i doubt they always find easy ways out.

Yeah most gvt employees, including police view employment as a punishment. Their only consolation is that they can make “deals”. The only reason they look for promotions to increase their dealing power