The First Gender to Hold Discussions with Satan Strikes Again




Hii tuliona

Sad. From the photos I have seen, the victim did not attempt to escape.
This is not normal. There is more here than meets the eye.

Wanjiru meets korir
@uwesmake take note

Something happened from inside that car. Explosion wise, Outside the car is not damaged but inside imechomeka hadi viti. Whatever happened maybe began from inside the car and it seems timely somehow it was put out before it escalated to an explosion of the whole car just wondering how??

He must have been killed first, then his body dragged inside the car before being set ablaze. There is no way he would have just seated there in that inferno without trying to escape.

One of his hands looks like it was going for the safety belt or something

whats the world turning into

kikuyu women have maumau blood from their grandmother’s and mother’s experience during those tragic mau mau years… hawapendi macheso

:D:D:D:D:D…beta males ,stop trying to save her!!!Psycho women should be avoided!!!


Sijawai ona shit haiadd up kama hii wtf???

[COLOR=rgb(61, 142, 185)]Looks to methodical to be a spat gone too far

Marry agikuyu women at your own peril

[COLOR=rgb(61, 142, 185)]Wacha ukabila, saitan

My theory, some bich stabbed him juu ya hii pressure ya watu kushinda pamoja juu ya korona. Asubuhi akagundua alimess so she washed the house, dressed up the corpse and threw it in the car plus some fuel. Am sure wakifanya investigation kama watu wako na akili watapata damu imetapakaa kwa nyumba wakitunmia blacklight. She also most likely made some obvious mistakes like failing to put underwear on him or refusing to put his wallet in his pocket or leaving his laptop bag in the House(unajua hiyo ndio iko na important soko mengi s za kufuatilia mali). Am still shocked at the incompetence of the police ati nyumba bado sio crime scene.

Sawa bas learn the hard way

Saitan ashindwe

I like your theory but my questions;
1). When burnt this way, can absence of underwear be confirmed or determined?
2). The fact that polisi havent made the house scene of crime si evidence will be destroyed na vile our CSI guys dont use a lot of their brain to ask the incisive questions
3). Kama hiyo kesi haina someone mwenye anafuatilia…hii story will die a natural death.

@TrumanCapote sweetheart umepotea sana, ongelea hii issue ya bibi kuchoma bwana kwa gari