The First 3 Months of Starting your business

Anyone has experience to share? How was it?

I am in the process mdogo mdogo. Almost 90%. I started as a cottage Kwa back yard nikachukua room ya workshop. We don’t have that fear of venturing. Lakini Saa hii nimeingia na Miguu yote ndani.
It’s tough since am the secretary,worker na office messenger. Bado kazi haijapick to employ a worker. The worst part ni hiyo ya kudeliver kazi ya client after finishing it.

Some I have failed within that timeframe. But first 3 months is a life of no sleep, high stress. You don’t have enough customers and then bills are piling.

Worst part is chasing after payments.
Before undertaking any task always demand 70% down payment. That will cover your ass incase jackass client aanze ujinga. Don’t finance client jobs

Refreshing and exciting.

  1. Scouting location and premises. Installing furniture and fittings kwanza a sense of freedom was all i got…that feeling of im doing this for myself…i felt contented bana.

  2. Strategy to attract clients a few freebies and discounts here and there depending on volume value repeat clients and age (niko ocha so clients above 80 years nilikuwa nawapa special treatment mpaka home deliveries and various after sale services) some of this stuff you dont learn in school and even if you do i believe it all boils down to personality na goals za the bizness person)…it was very interesting kuona how a little courtesy can go a long way.

  3. Nili learn watu shags huoneana wivu mbaya sana…they all abandoned their neighbours for various reasons and flocked kwangu…very interesting lesson…weka biz pahali poa hijulikani una anza na good will poa sana juu huna beef na mtu yeyote.

  4. Crime iko be on the look out kabisa be especially carefull with the cops who frequent your biz…hao ndio wezi wenyewe…hekaya nimeweka nyingi hapa…by the way kenyan police inafaa kuwa disbanded…naweza weka hekaya zingine hapa hamwezi amini.

  5. Acclimatise kiasi kabla uanze biz especially after ume kuwa away na kumekuwa na changes in the way country was running or you just been away 4 long kama finest wine…bana wasee waikuwa nananiletea noti za ngiri nazikataa nikisema ni fake…kumbe pesa si mbaya ni wewe umezoea ile ya ngambo:D.

Hata language ukienda base mother tongue imeshika na huijui kuwa careful na kiswahili…utajibu mtu vizuri roho safi lugha sanifu atasema your rude coz hujazoea…utajipata uki apologise na kuji explain saa zote.

  1. Kenyans have money and will make you rich bora they TRUST YOU AND YOU GIVE THEM VALUE FOR MONEY.

Good luck in your biz…its real fun eye opening na utapenda the freedom.

Share more details of the business.

Don’t mix friendship / family with business.
Get an accountant on retainer and your books in order from the word go.
Avoid mpesa transactions.
Get a business friendly bank.
Avoid credit
Customer is king and kings dont/never burgains.

Biz ya lanye Haina capital


Started in Jan 2020, blew over 500k setting it up and then corona started. Bora uhai.

Everything went up in ‘flames’. I’m back the drawing board kutafuta capital. I learnt a lot.

What’s wrong with mpesa? That it can be reversed?

Start small juu kuchomeka ni lazima initially. So, make sure you pay the least cost for the lessons. Kama uko retail usijaze stock kwa duka. Weka the basics kwanza and learn the demand patterns badala ya kujaza shop na guesswork. In those three months you will learn the best selling items and avoid having dead stock.

In this age you can’t avoid Mpesa transactions. Paybill. Most people withdraw from their accounts to the Mpesa account to pay goods and services. You can also opt Kcb, equity, co-op paybill

Mimi kuna mwenye nadai 40k. Nimeput that job on hold. Na mwambia sina pesa ya material.

@Jimit umewai anza biashara kweli isopokuwa hawking your mcoondu to the highest bidder

Any farmer to share some experience @sani kujanaile akili ingine usicame nailed ya JS

I can relate

@Billy Drago @Abba share your experiences kama wakulima

My lessons are as follows:

  1. Officially the customer is king… but unofficially all clients are bastards unless proven otherwise
  2. Trust but verify
  3. Dont trust anyone kuna watu hua na stories of giants (Refer to rule #1)
  4. Be prepared to lose friends and make enemies as you work hard and cant be available all the time. Kama unapenda hepi sahau.
  5. Reward yourself after achieveing your goals hata kama ni lunch mzito
  6. Kenyan companies delay payments… ukijua hii hutakua na stress sana na high blood pressure just go with the flow. Ukiweza have another stream of cash hata kama ni boyfwend
  7. Remember all those people who stood by you when you are down and not those friends who you think are friends
  8. When you are gong up hold somebody’s hand pia and not for them to pay you back
  9. Love what it is you are doing

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