The feminist development.

She grew up with a clean mind up until 17 when she first experienced it. ‘thats one overated sht’ she thought.Few years later after a couple of heartbreaks or abortions her mind cloggs, she’s broken.
In her late twenties she meets the bad boy who understands she’s way past money needs so she just clocked the thoughts hunt phase.

He finds his way through realignment and construction of her thoughts, she’s hooked she submits.He rules her crazy,he leaves.

She’s broken and vows to never trust none but her gender.

But who created bad boys in the first place?


Leo kunanii???
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Wanaume munacomplain sana. I figure friday sato haikuenda fiti. Sucks waking up on a Sunday with unspent catridge:D:D:D may the planets align this week for fortune in your favour

Ukinyimwa nyonga, modern problems require modern solutions.