The fear of Trump

you can smell it from a continent away


Title : [I]Donald Trump meets Little Miss Flint at a Flint, MI church[/I]

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unajua tangu uingie ktalk 2008 haujawai post kitu ya maana




I see what you did there, and I raise my glass.

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[SPOILER=“Trump for President”] [/SPOILER]

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The guy is too orange walae

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come on now the kid is freaked out at the number of cameras pointing at her . Wewe kama adult imagine over 10 cameras pointing at you at the same time alafu si unajua tuu vile hawa ma paparazzi wa US huwa…zinachukua camera alafu bado zina rusha maswali …mr trump, mr trump are u blablabla alafu pale bado kuna special agents saba na zimekunja sura kama huyo spesho agent ana tie ya orange

po’ kid’s traumatized…

I hope the mulatos are still not convinced by this.

Why would they be? It is not like he is the cartels’ voice.

:D:D:D cartel mambo mbaya bana