The fathers built River Road, their sons built Upper Hill

Equity Bank Kenya Limited - Wikipedia

Equity Bank Kenya Limited was incorporated in 2014, as a result of the corporate restructure of its parent company Equity Group Holdings Limited.[8] Prior to November 2014, Equity Group Holdings Limited operated both as a licensed bank and a holding company for its subsidiaries.

I was there when all this happened,in your post you talked of Equity Bank not Equity Bank Kenya Limited so you meant Equity bank didint exist before 2014

Najua io shimo…

to you what does this imply:
founded Equity Building Society (EBS)…

Where in nyeri do you come from, I am from kamakwa

ndio DCI wanitembelee.

Kwani wewe ni mwizi, and even then you know longer reside where you were born. What matters is your current home.


Leta story of some of the robberies umefanya…