The false promise of black love

Zalieni wazungu. Let chimpanzees stay out your womb and in the zoo where they belong. Nothing for nothing. You gotta have something if you want black women. You have nothing to offer. Mkono mtupu haulambwi.

Yes, tuzalishe wazungu, spread the color. Sharing is caring, don’t let someone be colorless when you have color to share

That’s the spirit tell all our melanated sisters fom ni kuzalia wazungu, let’s fill the world with mulattos.

BTW I’ve realized that the women doing this are so young. Kwani did black men do, wanawake wameamua. Kuja nikutembeze siku moja ujionee na macho. People are willing to pay good money to get good genes. Warembo wamegutuka. They are tired of the black istana zoo. The time when your own women reject you at an age of 25 or even younger is when you know kuna shida kubwa. They’d rather pay alot of money for another race seed. I know it hurts but punda pia huchoka. Too bad nyinyi hamuezi coz a man can’t hire a surrogate mother in Kenya and all white countries forbid donations of oocytes. So hamuezi wazalisha kwa urahisi even if you have the money for it.