The fallacy that is Gender violence has increased with this COVID-19 pandemic

Walikuwa wameanza,sijui wamenyamazia wapi.walikuwa wameanza kupiga kelele…nani hao?you ask…
sasa skiza:

U see,whenever you hear of gender-based violence getting to the media,especially against women,jua ni business purely…The real violence against women rarely gets to the media…juu kwa ground resilience takes the day…mnapigana,mnavumiliana,mwishowe mnazoeana ama mnawachana.Wanawake huku chini kwa grassroot wanaumia…and the only time their plight is heard is when someone is benefiting from it…a third party mostly.

A colleague of ours usually jokes and says that if a woman from kibira goes to FIDA having bean beaten to pulp(by her husband) with her nose hanging out of her face,the first question asked is what the husband does for a living…if its a mjengo man,the woman is told “ndoa ni kuvumiliana”… “enda muongee na mzee mlee watoto hii maisha ni kusaidiana”.“usijali atabadilika tu”……and thats how she is dismissed…na kibahat mzuri watatoboa tu…[SIZE=1].ok maybe kamzee kakienda retirement if the wife is younger watamlipishia na watoto…but hiyo ni story for another day[/SIZE]

He also says that on the other hand,if an affluent-looking woman walks in FIDA and says philip moi just pointed his finger and raised his voice towards her,she is taken to their lounge,and guess who comes to attend to her…well,google judy thongori utaona…


At the lounge,charges are drafted against the man,and on a good day court case can be opened that very afternoon…

Now,back to the keleles that had started to surface in the past few weeks.These NGOs wako na njaa pia…na donor lazma achoteh…so lazma narrative itengenezwe…kwa kutumia mbinu zote,kulipia airtime kwa tv news at primetime,kuenda lobbying kuchocha CAS mwangangi aiseme kwa briefing…social media etc…

Sasa ubaya ni ati donor sai wanaeka all their efforts zote kwa their home country kufight corona…so hakuna kakitu wanatuma kwa izo NGO…and of course hapa kwetu priority ni chai ya 10 million,kukomboa ambulance at 2.8m EACH,printing ya 7M[SIZE=1](juu govt press which should do that sikuizi ni choo pekee zimebaki kwa iyo building) [/SIZE][SIZE=4]so kitu kama pesa ya gender based violence sahau…Na kwasababu all these lobbying costs money na there’s none that they are getting,ni kama walirealize investment imechomeka…na sahii utakawia kabla uwaskie…i see it as a good thing coz even previously iyo doh never gets to the intended victims…[/SIZE]


That’s why feminists like @TrumanCapote and @Finest wine always advocate vehemently for women to marry rich men, ndio wawaletee vichwa ngumu knowing that if the man does anything, he’ll be the one to loose in all ways in the court system

You tagged me coz you are bored. Let me tell you one thing…I did not labour in school to then shack up with a poor man, broke arse…depressed nigga, dead beat dad material. Ata afathali nikae alone fore and foreeeeee. You will never catch me on the arm of a broke nigga.

The niggas I hang out with have a purpose in life. Whether they are are starting out small but it is a man with a vision.

Users??? not for me, thenkiu…

Ambia hizi male bonobos ziskie,kwanza zile za reb/blue pill na MGTOW

I always tell my lovely MGTOW brethren. That an 18-21 y/o ngeo should be in college or uni not kissing a 45 y/o dick that has travelled everywhere.
Learning a skill because you cannot trust today’s young man. It is important to have the earning capability ndio mzee akienda kumangamanga na SQs unaletea watoto chakula. Dunia imepasuka.

Maliza hizo gàys za MGTOWchieth my dear. Waambie mwanaume ni kuoa na kuzaa watoto at least 3 by the time he is 45. Kisha ku-hustle kuwalea mpaka wamalize unifasity. Si ushoga wa kulewa kama college boys na kukimbizana na young skirts maisha yako yote

You know what I don’t understand is why one wants to be a new dad at 45 with this imaginary 18 y/o who has no money because to be quite frank at 18 huna pesa unless your limited cash from Dad/Mum…then I think about raising teens at 60 y/o…miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeen case closed.

Quite true. It would be a hectic thing to have adolescent kids at that old age.